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Some Of The Challenges Facing Startup Home Businesses


Running a home-based business is advantageous in many ways, but it requires knowledge of current trends, technologies, and services that can make the operation a success. In today’s world, there isn’t much that can’t be done with a computer and an internet connection, so managing a business from home is more possible than ever.

You’ll Need an Address.

There are now mailbox services that can help you operate as the sole proprietor of your business without having to give out your personal home address. Many services provide real street addresses, which you can use on your company letterhead, on business cards, and in business listings, while also allowing you to receive mail addressed to that location. Terms vary, so you will have to search for the services that best suit your needs.

Outsourcing Personnel Needs.

Depending on the nature and success of your business, you may need background support staff, such as receptionists. There are now a number of virtual receptionist services available from which you can choose, each one offering different features and benefits. Many, such as Specialty Answering Service, feature bilingual receptionists, so your Spanish-speaking customers will be able to communicate more effectively. Fees for this service vary, based upon the features you choose.

Conference Room Rentals.

When you need to conduct face to face meetings, you may not want to bring customers or colleagues to your home. Many hotels and public venues offer conference room rentals for such occasions. You will have to check specific venues for exact pricing, but this can be an attractive alternative that will allow you to present a more professional environment.

Shipping and Printing Services.

Another downside to operating out of your home may be that you won’t have a warehouse with a logistics department. This is easily remedied by the services provided by UPS and FedEx stores. In addition to shipping products, documents, and letters, they can copy and print any documents you may need. As these services are done on an individual basis, the costs will be lower than if you had to maintain your own printers and shipping services.


Having a user-friendly interactive website will help to boost your sales. A lot of business today is done online so without a quality website you will fall behind very quickly. Many businesses incorporate a blog into their website as well. Using tools to start and keep your blog running are important there are many WordPress options to build your blog like WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Pit WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and see which one is better for your blog.

Cloud Technology.

You don’t even have to operate out of your home all of the time, if you make use of cloud technology. While it mainly consisted of providing document storage in the beginning, the technology has evolved. Today, you can store apps and software, so it can be accessed from any location with any device. This makes it possible to do work from home, save it to the cloud, access it from another location, and add to your work without losing data. In essence, you can take your office with you, wherever you go.

Mobile Technology.

As mobile technology advances, communicating with customers, suppliers, and other business associates becomes easier and more efficient. Already, messaging apps, such as Skype, make it possible to conduct conferences from any location, even while you’re on the go. Add text messaging and video conference applications for full connectivity. Using these technologies can help you ensure you’re never unavailable to important contacts.

Making use of these services and technology can help you start a business with far less funding than you would otherwise require. Through these tools, you can operate on a shoestring budget, while you grow your followers and build your brand. As you do find more success, you may even continue to operate out of your home, finding that technology has made it more efficient to do so.