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Passing The VMware 2V0-622D Certification Exam – Tips & Tricks


This exam is the absolute channel one can use to become a certified VMware expert. This is the most sought for certification the professionals in the IT and Networking field are after. It has not been that easy to pass this exam because it is a technical discipline that one has to fully understand the concepts before going to the marketplace.

In the recent times, experts have come together and produced the necessary requirements that one can use and pass this exam during the first attempt. These requirements include the exam dumps, training resources, and other necessary materials. It is the duty of the candidates to utilize them for their own benefits.

Exam Questions.

The question paper design is practically oriented hence the students have to engage in a lot technical study in order to understand the concepts encapsulated in this field. In most scenarios, the questions are of multiple choice hence the learner has to identify what the questions targeted. Let’shave a concise understanding of this course based on the expert’s experience herein.

Objectives of the Exam.

2V0-622D exam is meant to test the professionals’ skills and knowledge on various technical aspects which include:

  • Installation, configuration, and management of vCenter Server;
  • ESXi security control mechanisms;
  • Management of vSphere Virtual Machines;
  • Network Administration concepts on vCenter Server.

These ultimate skills are evenly distributed in the exam to ensure that every field concerned guarantees a certain percentage in the exam. The professionals need to be significantly prepared.

Prerequisites for the Exam.

Every individual preparing for this exam should have covered all the contents available in the curriculum of this exam. However, it is not enough to only get familiar with the contents of this course but also important to get familiar with exam questions.

Audience Targeted.

This exam is specifically designed for individuals who are interested in Virtual Machines and Network Infrastructure. If one has the knowledge on virtual machines, vSphere concepts, and vCenter server then he/she is the one this exam has been made available for.

However, any other individual who is interested in doing this exam is encouraged to take the online learning of respective course training. The individual will have the required knowledge to tackle this exam by going through the training courses.

Importance of 2V0-622D Exam.

VMware 2V0-622D test is the unlocking pattern to many job opportunities that have been locked due to lack of certification required. The individuals who have gainedVMware certification of this course can assume IT jobs such as Network Administrator, Network Analyzer, and Virtualization Engineer.

The Data Center and Technology are one of the rapidly advancing IT disciplines in terms of innovation and invention. The certified experts have a chance to participate in this enormous invention and be the part of the change that we do realize in our daily tasks. The change that the society wants.

The certified professionals in this field will have a good reputation since passing this exam is not easy at all. They will be considered tougher than other IT specialist in the field.

Tips to Pass 2V0-622D.

In order to pass 2V0-622D exam and build a good reputation, apply the following techniques:

  • Follow the course outline of this exam and ensure that you have all concepts at your fingertips.
  • Read widely and wildly by using deferent materials that explain the same concepts using different approach.
  • Implement all the practical that are available in the materials you are using to ensure that you get used to them.
  • Document you reading such that you do not have to go through the whole topic while reading.
  • Have a positive thinking, do not let failure to dominate your mind.
  • Have a plan of reading, know yourself well. This means that you should give enough time that can take you to understand, do not rush.
  • Plan your day in such a way that you have enough time for preparation.
  • Find a noise-free environment that is conducive for your learning.

The exam might not contain the practical session. That does not mean you should not do the practical assignment, rather means that you should embark on serious practice in preparation for the exam. This is because the exam will exactly want you to describe the exact thing you did and errors you encountered.

Expert’s Feedback.

I had prepared for this exam using only one source that I thought was the perfect one for my revision. Unfortunately, I’ve never passed the first trial of this exam due to poor preparation and failure to practice the task given. I retook this exam and looked for exam dumps online and to my surprise, all the questions were familiar during my second trial. Failure is just a moving stone towards success. Never give up. Make a next step. Be motivated enough and prepare harder.

Training Courses.

There are various training courses for VMware 2V0-622D available online for the enhancement of the candidate’s knowledge which is in videos, PDF, and slide tutorials. The students can check a number of links below while preparing for this course.

These training resources might be sponsored by different vendors but they are focusing on the same concept in different style and approach. The learner will have the flavor from each of this vendors to make one pass the exam during his/her first trial. 

Exam Dumps.

The alternative way of preparing for this exam is using the exam dumps which can make an individual implement the knowledge before doing the actual certification exam. These exam dumps are beneficial and can be found at the following URL:


2V0-622D exam is very beneficial to every individual who manages to get the certification of this course. This implies that one has to go through all sorts of materials that are associated with this exam. The knowledge that will be applied in the field is based on your ability and understanding of the course content hence this exam is a proof that you have the required skills.


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