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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated


It is a well known fact that a happy employee is more productive and more committed to your business. Of course it’s not easier to keep all your employees happy all the time; but you have to try!

Motivated employees are generally more engaged with your business needs and will help to drive the success of your business.

Of course you can offer your employees more money. This is likely to make them feel good for a short period. But, the reality is that providing you are paying them a reasonable wage money is not a great motivator.

Instead you should follow these steps:

Get The Right Staff.

The first step is to use a firm such as Brix projects to find the right staff for your business. These are staff that are already skilled in your particular industry. They have a passion for what you do and an interest in your products.

Empower Them.

Everyone works better when they feel valued; they are more than just a cog in a machine. The easiest way to achieve this is to allow them the opportunity to express themselves.

This can be completed through suggestion boxes which are actually looked at and even regular meetings to ensure every employee knows their voice cunts.

You can also encourage them to focus on their dream holiday or car; this will help them to see work is simply part of the bigger picture.

Build Positivity.

Everyone makes mistakes but a good work environment encourages them to vice these mistakes without being embarrassed. They can then find a solution to the issue and feel comfortable.

Not only will the mistake not happen again you may even find a better way of doing things.

Work As A Team.

When people are part of a team they know their actions have consequences which affect others. This is generally enough to motivate them to do their best every time.

They will also have the support of the team to ensure they do resolve any issues and feel happy, safe and content in their work.


If a member of staff does a particularly good job then it is important to recognize this. Give them a gift voucher, a half day off tickets to a local game.

Make sure this reward is done in front of the other staff. Even if they seem embarrassed they will be secretly pleased that their efforts have been recognized.

This will motivate all your staff!

Switch It Up.

Most employees love to learn and become the best they can be. Equally they will become bored if tasked with the same job day after day.

Prevent boredom from setting in by rotating the jobs, giving them new challenges and encouraging them to focus on their goals.

The more you look after your employees and help them to achieve their dreams the more positive and motivated they will be.

This will result in an increase in productivity and a decrease in staff turnover; both of which are great for your business!