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A Guide To Selling Books On Booksrun


Selling a book is not as hard as you may believe. Yes, it is the digital era, but people still love the vintage feeling of paper. Therefore if you are a writer or have a collection, and you want to sell it, then the following are some interesting points for you.

What Do You Need to Sell a Book?

You need to need extensive knowledge of the book to sell it. Fortunately, there are a ton of apps that will scan the barcode, and get you up to speed with book’s price, sales rank, and much more.

So while you indulge yourself with what the person wrote inside the book, you can trust the app to handle more technical details. Speaking of which, following are the most prolific types of book you should always stock:

  • Textbooks
  • Books published in past 10 years
  • Esoteric Books

How to Sell Online?

When it comes to selling a book online, most retailers follow this basic procedure:

Evaluate the Value.

When you have a book to sell, there are many platforms you can choose for, like Booksrun.  You need to search the potential platform and see how much money you can make selling off the book. However, you will need to pay the respective platform a fee for arranging the sale.

This fee can be an amount or small percentage of your sale. Therefore, do your research and ensure the sale doesn’t cost you.

List it for Sale.

Once you have done your research, and you are confident that the book is valuable, then you should login to the seller account and list the book.  Do quick research about the book, or use the ISBN to see whether it’s listed or not.

Be prepared because you will ask questions about the current condition of the book, how many units you have available, the delivery procedure, and how much are you willing to sell it for. If you want to sell the units quickly, then you should look for a lower price.

The fact is, if you have a new book, people will pay a high premium for it. But they will want a discount if you have a used one.

Stay in the Loop.

Your work isn’t finished with the listing. Instead, this is where your job gets tougher. You need to keep yourself updated with the current trends as must sellers fluctuate. So observe the changes in your competitor’s pricing and follow suit to make sure you don’t miss out an audience.

Be Careful.

When you are asked what amateur seller look when searching for new books, the answer is any place that can offer them good and cheap books. Collector’s item is big trouble if you pay the store price for them.

The fact is, these books are not as valuable as you believe. Most of the time people end up overpaying for them. So be smart and look around before you have your heart set on one piece, and end up being ripped off.