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4 Ways To Stay Healthy As An Entrepreneur

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, hard work, long hours, and a drive to succeed are most often what’s needed to get your project off the ground and make working for yourself a reality. When you’re working extra hard, however, self-care can be one of the first things to fall to the wayside, which can end up being counterproductive over time.

Of course, you don’t have to deprive your health or happiness in order to succeed in a time-consuming business or creative venture. Check out these four simple ways to help make your physical and mental health a priority as an entrepreneur.

Fuel Your Mind and Body with Clean Eats.

If you are what you eat, and you’re aiming to be productive, then you’ll want to treat yourself to clean foods that work for you. By doing your best to eat whole foods whenever possible, you’ll be sure to fuel your mind and body rather than weigh yourself down, and you won’t have to change your whole diet as the best treats are easy to sneak into your day as tasty snacks. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and of course, water will work to hydrate and power your body while keeping your head in focus. Our favorites include blueberries, carrots, bell pepper slices, raw almonds, and dehydrated apricots, but what you choose is ultimately up to you and your tastebuds!

Stick to a Schedule.

We know — easier said than done. But doing your best to stick to some sort of schedule will go a long way in helping keep a healthy work/life balance (which will ultimately lead to more productive work). This schedule doesn’t have to be traditional by any means, just find what works best for you based on your most productive hours, and what’s compatible with your clients and your team. Work a little too crazy to turn the phone off completely? Start small by building a routine to help keep things consistent. A 20-minute walk, a cup of tea, or a good stretching session around the same time each day can help build a semblance of regularity to an otherwise non traditional schedule.

Make Quality Sleep a Priority.

In order to be operating at 100% during those daytime hours, you’ll want to make what happens when your head hits the pillow a priority. The best conditions for a great night’s sleep start with a dark, quiet, cool room, and a great bed with comfortable bedding to rest in. A great way to keep both yourself and the environment healthy as you slumber is with sheets made of alternative materials such as bamboo viscose. Bamboo bedding sheets are known for being extra soft and comfortable, as well as cool to the touch, and because they’re organically farmed and manufactured, are hypoallergenic and biodegradable, making a good night’s sleep for you, and a lighter carbon footprint on the planet.

Always Make Time for Yourself.

It may be tempting to prioritize work over fun or even rest, but part of maintaining that work/life balance is making time for yourself and those closest to you — so if you’re worried about taking too much time off, don’t! When it comes to balance, a little will often go a long way. Whether it be sweating out harmful toxins with a great workout, smoothing out aches and pains with a body massage, or just taking the afternoon to enjoy some time with your friends and family, giving yourself permission to relax and recharge will go a long way in your overall mental and physical health, and may remind you why you decided to venture out on this entrepreneurial journey in the first place. By fitting yourself and your needs into your schedule, you’re essentially reaffirming the belief that you are worth the time it takes to meet your personal needs, and when you believe you’re worth it, your clients will too.


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