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How To Effectively Market Your Small Dental Business


Dental practices can be found in almost every town; however you’ll often find that your local dentist is reasonably small and well-hidden. If you’ve recently started up a dental practice of your own, you’ll want to ensure your marketing efforts are effective in order to build a sufficient client base and begin earning some profits. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different marketing methods available today, however there are a select few that will work perfectly for small dental businesses.

Whether you offer the best electric toothbrush reviews on your website’s blog, or you offer a monthly newsletter to your clients, here are a few ways to effectively market your practice:

Use Brochures & Business Cards.

Brochures and business cards seem to be heavily disregarded as a marketing method now that we live in a digital age, but they’re still highly effective, especially for dental practices. Really, while people of all ages will require a trip to the dentist from time to time, a large part of your client base will be those of an elderly age, who often won’t have a great amount of accessibility to the Internet. As a result, a great marketing method will be with brochures and business cards, giving them something tangible to hold onto and engage with regarding your business, hopefully generating you more publicity and a greater client base.

Email Marketing.

Another marketing technique that is deemed as doomed is email marketing, however you’d be surprised to know that this is still highly effective when trying to engage your target audience. For dental practices in particular, a monthly or even weekly newsletter will allow you to boast new technological methods you’ve bought into your practice, as well as sharing top oral hygiene tips. Moreover, to make your email marketing methods even more effective, you could personalise them by alerting each client about any upcoming appointments and when they’re due a general check.


Dental practices wouldn’t be able to thrive without a referral base, so it’s essential that you incorporate this into your marketing efforts as a startup dental business. Building relationships with your clients is essential for the success of any business, making referrals crucial. Firstly, you’ll have to identify which local doctors and general practices will recommend your business to their client, and then you’ll need to initiate an effective strategy that will achieve this.

Facebook Retargeting.

Using social media as a marketing method is a no-brainer for any organisation, including a dental business. Facebook retargeting in particular could work wonders for your startup, as retargeted ads can work perfectly for those that interact with your brand via that social media channel. Regarding that you receive 2000 clicks per month to your website, you’re able to use Facebook ads in a personalised way to your audience, driving cheap, targeted clicks through to your website. These ads can also be a great way to remind people whether they need to book an appointment, or can even redirect them to a page full of good reviews for your business to persuade them to utilise your services.

Getting your voice heard as a startup dental practice can be difficult; however these marketing methods are almost guaranteed to build up your client base! Plus, considering half of them are completely free of charge, you can generate yourself larger profits and build your business to new heights.