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How Outsourcing Delivery Improves Employee Productivity


by Jamie Gottlieb, Content Manager at Roadie

No matter if you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, workflow management and employee productivity top the list of things to improve. And sometimes that means cutting processes, hiring more people, or finding tasks to outsource.

Oftentimes, business owners forget about the latter. For some, it seems that they’re only adding to a growing list of expenses. But for those who understand how to cultivate productive employees, outsourcing remains a key factor in improving workflow management.

Outsourcing processes, like shipping and logistics, can free up your team’s time to focus on higher-level strategy — including on how to grow the business, build customer loyalty, and increase sales.

Most importantly, it gives your team time and resources to adapt in a competitive landscape.

Why Businesses Outsource Delivery.

Shipping is a time suck — no matter if you purchase a delivery van, use an expensive courier, or require employees to deliver items. Instead, your team could spend more time building customer relationships or finding new leads.

Many businesses outsource delivery because it’s a highly repetitive and low-value daily task. Whether you’re handling customer delivery or rebalancing inventory, an affordable delivery service takes the burden off full-time employees.

1. Save Time.

When your employees aren’t weighed down by a growing list of menial to-dos, they have more time to focus their creative and collaborative energy. Ultimately, the choice to outsource delivery will lead to higher levels of performance across teams. No wasted time running between stores or drop-off locations.

2. Save Resources.

Hiring in-house people to handle delivery means you have fewer human resources in sales, marketing or operations. When you decide to outsource delivery or tasks that aren’t integral to day-to-day growth, your business can save money, adjust priorities, and focus on growth.

3. Avoid Bottlenecks.

There are a number of reasons shipping creates bottlenecks: delivering items to customers, packaging up a project, and transferring inventory between stores. Without delivering one purchase or project, your team can’t move onto the next. This creates delays in project completion and slows down business growth.

4. Get Ahead of the Competition.

Outsourcing to a specialized delivery company relieves the headaches and hassles of

dealing with traditional shipping processes. By choosing the best delivery service for your business, you can create an effective and sustainable omnichannel strategy that positions your company as innovative and drives repeat customers. And that means your delivery service isn’t only a time saver, it’s also a deal maker.


Jamie Gottlieb is the Content Manager at Roadie, the only collaborative delivery network with over 60,000 pre-qualified drivers covering all 50 states. Roadie has made deliveries in more than 4,000 cities nationwide — a similar footprint to Amazon Prime Now.


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