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[Interview] Bill Michelon On Why He Became A Serial Entrepreneur


Bill Michelon is well known in business circles as a savvy media buyer with a keen interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He has helped a wide variety of organizations achieve their digital marketing objectives without breaking the bank. The entrepreneur oversees successful marketing campaigns and helps formulate effective strategies that deliver impressive results.

It comes as no surprise that many of his clients post rave reviews online about the service. Bill draws insights from more than a decade of experience. Digital media buying is a competitive field that requires impeccable decision making.

Michelon is also passionate about mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs who need expert guidance. He has assisted small business owners improve brand visibility online and boost lead generation, which translates to higher sales conversions. He places a lot of emphasis in the use of metrics to make well informed decisions.

We sat down with Michelon to discover what makes him tick.

What was one entrepreneurial trait you or your parents saw in you early on in life?

As a child, my parents noticed that I loved the idea of turning the impossible into the possible. I was always driven to achieve what everyone else thought was impossible. For this reason, I spent lots of time exploring new ideas and identifying innovative solutions to everyday problems or challenges. My mother took advantage of my inventiveness to solve problems around the house.

As a result, I saw opportunities when others saw challenges. I was always excited to find something difficult that put my creativity to the test, I quickly lost interest if deemed a task as straightforward and simple. I am convinced that the strong desire to develop new approaches or ideas helped prepare me for my career in business.

Who is a well-known entrepreneur that you looked up to growing up and why?

I have always been fascinated by the big names in business. As a young boy, I admired Walt Disney for his phenomenal achievements. I remember reading his biography and wondering how he managed to reach dizzy heights from the boy who grew up at a farm. He transformed his passion for drawing cartoons into a world-famous venture. Walt’s story inspired me to look beyond the impossible.

As a serial entrepreneur, what are some daily habits that you think contribute to your success?

Several habits contribute to entrepreneurial success. For me, the first thing is to get enough sleep because a lack of good night’s rest can translate to poor decision making and stress. I avoid digital devices just before going to bed to ensure a restful sleep. Blue light from phone and laptop screens can hamper proper sleep. In the morning, I wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

On the other hand, I have also learned to delegate. Doing so allows me to work more effectively and make the most of my time. To ensure the best results, I verbalize my expectations to staff members.

What advice do you have for younger generations who want to pursue entrepreneurship?

I believe it is important for aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in a field they are passionate about. This makes it easier to turn the venture into a major success. Running a startup can be challenging and young people need to understand that when the going gets tough they will depend on the passion to keep moving. Without passion, it can become easy to throw in the towel.

Honesty is another key characteristic that defines good businessmen. It not only earns an entrepreneur respect but also customer loyalty and the trust of employees, suppliers and partners.

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