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[ADV] How To Choose Your Headset Correctly

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We all use headsets every day; they are part of our lives. That is why it is necessary to choose the ones that best suit our lifestyle, needs and musical tastes.

How to choose your headphones correctly?

Music is an important part of our lives. Our parents and grandparents enjoyed music very differently; today’s life is much busier; so we do not usually have the privilege of listening to the music so relaxed at full volume in our house. That’s why headphones have become our most used tool for listening and enjoying music. Some headphones can provide very good sound quality for a very affordable price, one of best examples is Jabra 2300. What’s most important, you do not have to deal with the acoustics of the room, the location of them, their amplifiers, etc.

Choosing a headset according to our needs and musical tastes is not a simple task. To choose a headset, we recommend these steps:

Narrow your budget.

The first thing you have to choose is the money you want to invest in your headphones.
A small difference in price can give us much more quality so we recommend you to not skimp to the maximum, since, although there are thousands of very cheap headphones, they usually have a very questionable sound fidelity, poor construction, and so on. We think it is better to invest in good quality headphones that can last 5 years instead of buying the cheapest ones you find every 5 months. Once you have decided your budget you will have to move on to the next step. You may find headphones for less than you thought and does not mean that they will sound worse. The price does not indicate the quality of the headphones.

Choose the type of headphones you need.

Touch to choose the main use of our headphones. The main types of headphones are these:

In ear.

They are the headphones that we must insert into our ear canal. They are the ideal to accompany us when it comes to exercise, walking or listening to something in bed. Although not as comfortable as full-size headphones, good quality headphones have different-sized ear buds that perfectly fit your ear canal, sealing it, isolating it from outside noise and preventing it from moving or even falling. Do not buy button headphones as they do not isolate the noise, they are uncomfortable most of the time and their size is not adjustable.


They do not enter our ear canal, they are placed on our ear and they are usually resistant, light weight and above all very easy to carry. They are the ideal headphones to carry in your bag or

backpack when going to study, work or travel. This type is recommended for being used in office. For more info you can see business office headset review here.


Full-size headphones cover the entire ear and are the most common ones.

Circumaural and supra-aural.

Circumaural: they are the ones that completely surround the ear. The main characteristic of these headphones is that, being slightly separated from the ear. They generate a greater natural feel of the stereo field and a reproduction of frequencies more linear and precise. They are also more comfortable as they do not pose in your ears. You can find some good models of circumaural headset by using the Internet.

Supra-aural: The supra-aural headphones cover the entire ear but not around, so they lie on it. They usually isolate a little worse if compared to the circumaural ones, but are usually more portable.

As you can see there are many types, the main thing is to choose ones that suit what you want.


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