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[ADV] The Nissen Hut – The Go-To Shelter In World War One


nissen hut

Are you game in staying in a hut? Yes, there are some huts where you could have stayed during the World War 1. These were called Nissen huts – they were first introduced first by Peter Norman Nissen – and were built for soldiers to stay in.

These huts were tunnel-like in shape or they had a semicircular shape and thus helped deflect any bombs or sharp parts of any bomb, and hence were the best bomb shelter for the troops. These huts were built by steel structure and had a roof that was half circle in shape. These huts were easy to construct within a short time and hence they were so popular in their peak.

Strong and durable huts.

The designs of these huts were based on the strength of the materials and they were not aesthetically pleasant. There were different sheets of various strong metals that were bent to form a shape of a cylinder while building a Nissen hut. This sheet was then placed on the ground to erect the hut. The corrugated steel sheets were used to make the outer walls of the hut. The strong material of the outer wall made it safe for the troops. In some huts there used to be an interior lining of different metals and this depended on the reason the hut was going to be used for.

Steel structure for huts.

These huts were built in short time period but they were popular for their security. They were also durable and so lasted for a long time. There were huts that had windows and other such structures added to it. The huts were built on wooden bearers that were laid on the ground. These bearers demarcated the length and the breadth of the hut. Then they had curved steel structures nailed and bolted on the bearers on both side of the length. There were wooden purlins attached to the steel structures. These steel structures were called ribs.

Inner and outer walls.

The next step was the joists that were made of wood. The joists used to be very strong for support of the goods and people who lived in the hut. These were placed on the wooden bearer and they gave support for the floor structure of the hut. Then they built the walls. Often there were inner lining for the huts and these were made of thinner corrugated sheets. These were attached on the ribs for proper support and strength to the walls. The outer walls had vertical shaped corrugation and were placed over the lining that was initially placed.

Popular structure.

The hut now had the walls placed in but the both sides remain open. These sides were covered with boarding that was placed over the joints. The whole structure becomes so strong that it was not possible to destroy it by normal means. This strength of the huts made it popular as a store for goods or as a shelter for troops. These were used mostly during the Second World War Even these days there are demand for these huts. They find building a Nissen hut for sale is a good way to earn money.


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