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Analog Marketing – 5 Old School Marketing Methods That Get Results



Just like almost every other part of life, marketing has gone digital. With all the different ways to get your business promoted through the internet, it seems like a gold mine to pursue. But does that make the marketing techniques of old obsolete? Don’t bet on it!

Here are five marketing methods that still work in today’s world:

1. Swag.

Pens, shirts, mouse pads, anything can look good with your company’s name on it. Plus, people love free stuff. Get some great ideas about promotional products to see how your brand can be represented. You can find awesome items to show off who you are and give memorable gifts that will keep your name in everyone’s mind.

2. Billboards.

Oh, the beloved commute. Most of us suffer through the experience daily. During that time, we pass billboard after billboard, and; guess what! They still work! A catchy slogan posted boldly on a sign next to a busy highway is sure to increase your brand awareness. Well, at least in that area. If you are a local service company or store, you are bound to get results with this form of highly visible advertisement. Check this and other forms of outdoor advertising options by visual marketing providers such as 4 site implementation.

3. Radio.

Speaking of the commute, radio is also a big player in getting the word out. For instance, when Amazon was advertising their Amazon Prime Day, they saw a bigger return with radio announcements than online or television ads. To think, a traditional marketing tool outperforming digital methods for an online ecommerce giant! With such a wide, consistent reach, it seems that radio promotions are here to stay for a while longer.

4. Direct Mail.

Yeah, we are talking about junk mail. Did you know that 74% of shoppers look forward to receiving something in their mailbox? It’s one thing to ignore an email in your inbox full of other trash. It’s something completely different to discover something personalized at home. Even though we are all aware of what junk mail is and have a recycling protocol in place for such events, businesses still have an advantage when their name is in their potential client’s hand. Consumers are more likely to look over the offer and act on it. You are also able to promote to a broader spectrum of clients. With direct mail, you can reach elderly buyers that you might miss when relying exclusively on digital marketing.

5. Networking.

No, we are not talking about door to door sales. We are talking about being yourself and getting to know potential clients. If people feel they know you – the real you – they are more likely to buy from you. Showing you are a trustworthy individual gives them confidence in both you and what your business does. Having a face behind the logo boosts revenue. Customers are also more likely to spread your name around with valuable word-of-mouth. Now, not only do you have one person sold by an in-person interaction, but that can spread on to all their friends and family. Within the digital age, networking is one old school marketing tool that cannot be beaten in terms of effectiveness.

Even in an age where everything is going digital, there are still ways of reaching customers and getting your name out there without a “like” or “share” button. Maybe try a new billboard around the busy parts of your local area. How about getting out into the community and personally shaking hands with potential clients, getting to know them and show who you are? Don’t forget those cool pens stamped with your logo! So, what other old school marketing methods can you think of to boost your business?


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