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Power In Your Pocket – 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Get On The App Bandwagon


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Mobile apps have become indispensable tools in our digital life. People use them in innumerable ways, and it’s changing how many businesses work. It’s not surprising that more and more small business are getting on the app bandwagon and enjoying a multitude of benefits:

Here are six reasons why you should jump in as well:

1. Reach Potential Customers Where They Are.

There’s no stopping the growth of mobile users, and smart business owners know this. According to Gina Luk, an expert senior analyst at Mobile Workforce Strategies, the mobile market will continue to grow tremendously in the coming years from $40 Billion in 2015 it’s projected to rise to $63 Billion by 2020.

When it comes to visibility, you need to be present where your customers are. You have to use the power of technology to reach your market and compete with the big boys in business. There is no better way to achieve this goal than investing in savvy app development.

2. Improve Your Direct Marketing Efforts.

Let’s face it, marketing through social media and your website simply isn’t enough. There are plenty other effective ways to connect with and woo your audience. When a potential customer downloads your app, you can encourage him or her to subscribe to updates and push notifications. This allows you to keep your customer up-to-date with everything that’s happening in your business.

3. Better Engage with Your Customers.

Apps make connecting with your customers as easy as pie. Customers respond far more positively when reached through an app than they do to traditional direct marketing techniques. Just as importantly, apps give you the opportunity to analyze your users’ online behavior. By studying user stats, businesses can understand what it is that customers like or dislike, what keeps them coming back and what turns them away. Additionally, useful apps that help customers solve their problem improve customer relations and turn that engagement into loyalty.

4. Solve Your Business Problems.

Apps do more than just connect you with your customers. There are also apps that help you streamline internal processes, such as staff management, CRM, customer feedback systems and more. If your business is experiencing a problem, you can ask an app developer to build an app that will help you solve it.

5. Build Your Brand and Get Recognized.

Businesses with high-quality, user-friendly apps project positive, sophisticated brand image to their existing and potential customers. If you have a smart app that helps customers engage with your brand, products or services, they will be encouraged to do business with you repeatedly.

6. Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors.

A business without an app or a website will reflect poorly on a customer’s decision in a highly competitive market. Who would trust a company that doesn’t have a establish a significant presence online? Nowadays, it’s almost mandatory to have a digital presence.

The internet is where your customers go if they want to know more about your business. An app can give them more than just a glimpse into your business – it can also showcase your credibility and market presence while strengthening your core messaging. If your app stands out from your competitors, you can achieve higher user retention, which will positively impact your bottom line in the long run.

Apps serve a distinct purpose in your overall business success. Everyone has a website, but apps are tools that can differentiate you from the crowd and propel your business forward.