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Tips For Opening A Successful Coffee Shop



If you are like most people, your day cannot start well until you have coffee. When you consider the number of people who drink coffee on a daily basis, you will see that it is good for business.

Here are some tips that you should follow if you want to open up your own coffee shop:

Create a Plan.

One of the most serious steps that you can take toward opening your own coffee shop – aside from attending a barista training course so you understand coffee in depth, of course – is creating a solid plan. A business plan spells out what business you have, how you plan to make profit, explores competitors, and provides strategies for troubleshooting in case you need help to achieve your goals.

Before you start drafting a traditional business plan, you should create a pitch that will allow you to validate your business idea.

Find the Right Location.

To be successful, you need to locate your shop in a busy place. It should be centrally located and conducive to your vision. You should know that finding your dream spot will not happen overnight, so you should be prepared to shop around.

Before you settle for a certain location, Google successful coffee shops to see what they are doing right. For instance, once you find the best tasting k cups online, you should look at customer reviews to see what they like about the product. Knowing might help you to choose the best coffee for your shop.

Create a Floor Plan.

A solid floor plan is essential for any coffee shop. You need to have space for a customer line and a comfortable seating area. Coming up with a good floor plan takes time, this means that you need to be patient.

Walk yourself through each possible scenario. If you are making coffee, what needs to be near you? Make sure that the employees have enough space to move around and serve the customers.

Hire an Accountant.

The best thing that you can do as a coffee shop owner is to hire an accountant to handle your books. If you decide to do your own accounting, you might err when you make the wrong assumptions. Make sure that you hire a person who believes in your vision and can help you to accomplish your goals.

Get Funding from Locals.

Finding the money to start your coffee shop might be difficult. Therefore, you should talk to your family and friends about investing in your startup. If borrowing from your family is not an option, you should consider local loan options such as banks and credit unions.

Save Money for Personal Expenses.

Aside from the costs of starting a business, you also have needs that you should consider. Your new business might not be profitable during the first six months, which means that you should set aside funds for personal use. Make sure that you have savings to use on personal needs as you allow your business to grow and find new customers.

Start Networking.

Having a good location and selling good coffee will only take you so far. You need to let people know about your business to attract more customers. You could join the local charity and give out free coffee so that people can know about your business.

Market Before You Open.

If you start marketing when your coffee shop opens its doors, you will already be behind. To have a line of people waiting when you open, you should start advertising early. Affordable marketing options include:

  • Calling everyone and tell them your plans to open a coffee shop
  • Printing flyers and give them out
  • Using social media marketing


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