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Create An Office Space You Love With These 10 Tips


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Do you run a business out of your home? Or, do you simply have a space where you can attend to tasks, like organizing your home or paying bills? Your home office should be a place that you can be proud of. It needs to be a place that you enjoy, and it should be reflective of the design scheme in the rest of your home.

If you want to set up an office space that works for your needs and also looks great, take these ten tips to heart:

1. Be Functional. 

Think about what you need to accomplish in your office. Then, determine what pieces of furniture will help you achieve those goals. You don’t need to have a shelf just to have one; purchase an item because it will actually help you in your office space. Once you know what furniture pieces you need, start searching for something that looks great and will also do its job well. You want to find something that matches the decor in the rest of the house; your office should fit right in with the design scheme. Your office needs to be function, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

2. Find A Good Location.

Depending on what you are using your office for, you could spend a lot of time there. Therefore, make sure you choose a location that gives you enough room to breathe. Also, think about the potential for distractions; you don’t want to set up in an area where you are going to be constantly interrupted. A little noise may not be a bad thing, though, depending on how you like to work. You know yourself best, so choose a location that is conducive to your work style.

3. Paint.

Paint your office a color that speaks to you. You do not have to be neutral; in fact, it is a good idea to pick a color that stimulates you. Some people might respond well to bright yellow. Others might like a calming blue tone. Learn about how colors can make you feel and select something that works for the type of person you are.

4. Get A Good Chair.

You are going to spend a lot of time sitting in your office. Make sure you have a chair that is up to the job. It should be comfortable and look great, for example. Check out the selection at Rove Concepts.

5. Get A Few Accessories.

There is no reason that your office shouldn’t feel like it is a part of your home. Pick up a few accessories that allow you to be a bit more comfortable while you are working. For example, you could pick up a cute trash can or hang some of your children’s artwork on the wall. You could pick out a nice fabric for window curtains or add a few pictures of your family to your bulletin board. It doesn’t matter how you accessorize; what matters is that you turn the office space into your own room.

6. Set Up A Space With A View.

Put your desk in an area that allows you to look outside, if possible. If your office needs to be in a space without windows, put up a nice picture that you enjoy looking at. The idea is to give yourself something to focus on that is more stimulating that a blank wall.

7. Organize Your Technology.

You can’t really change the look of your computer or scanner. However, you can make sure that the cords are not spread out all over the room. First, set up your equipment near an outlet whenever possible. Make sure you can unplug the cords when necessary. Look for a fabric cord cover to dress up the cords that you can see. A desk grommet is also a good idea as it will keep the cords out of sight. Finally, if you have a lot of cords laying on the floor, think about using a wire organizer or a cord winder to get the space organized.

8. Organize Your Space.

Your home office probably is not going to be very big. That is why it is important for you to use as much of your available space as possible. Floating shelves are a great way to store equipment and papers. Vertical file folders can help you stay organized but still keep the papers that you need within reach. A basket might be a nice touch as well; if you work well with piles, the basket will hide the clutter. Another idea is to use cube storage instead of a bookcase; there is a lot that you can do within each cube, and it allows you to get everything in your office neatly stored.

9. Stay Motivated.

Set up a little area with pictures, figurines, artwork and anything else that makes you feel happy and encourages you to work.

10. Make Sure There Is Light.

If you can’t see well in your office, you are going to struggle to get your work done and may even develop headaches. Therefore, make sure there is a lot of light and do everything you can to cut down on glare.