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The Scientific Method – How Technology Is Changing the Construction Landscape



There’s no doubt about it, technology has transformed every aspect of our lives.

Be it at home, in the workplace or on the weekend, technology has changed the way we think and act. This transcends professional industries, as well. The construction industry is a prime example of how technology has changed the landscape of a professional field.

Read on to find out more:

1. Mobile apps.

Allowing construction workers and contractors alike to get the most out of their gadgets, mobile apps have indeed changed the construction landscape. The market now includes a plethora of construction-based apps that can do things from lodge your construction progress payments to apps that make it possible to make blueprint changes. As well as this, there are no calculating apps that can help construction managers better budget for supplies, including concrete, roofing, hardware and other materials.

2. Wearable smart sensors.

Wearable technology has increased the jobsite safety tenfold.

One of the most important aspects about a construction site, safety is an area that constantly needs to be monitored, improved and innovated. These days, a growing number of construction companies are putting ‘smart sensors’ in their workers’ clothing, such as boots, watches, hard hats and rooftop harnesses. A wearable sensor helps supervisors to track the condition of the other workers on the job site.

For instance, a sensor that is placed on a hard hat can alert a supervisor if an accident or impact takes place. A sensor that is located on a watch can monitor workers’ body temperatures and ensure that they don’t suffer from overheating. The opportunities are endless!

3. Tool tracking.

There is nothing more frustrating than misplacing an item, especially on the jobsite.

Not only is this a physical inconvenience, it also costs construction companies vast amounts of money each and every year. This is because a misplaced tool can become a serious hazard if left in the wrong place. To combat this, construction companies are fitting their machinery, including hand tools and power tools, with barcode – in order to keep track of them. Companies scan the barcodes of all tools and machinery at the beginning and end of each day in order to know exactly where they are at all times.

4. Drones.

Drones aren’t just a fun item that you can send to Bunnings to pick up a sausage in bread.

They are proving to be ideal professional and commercial tools, as well. Drones allow construction companies to survey potential sites as well as monitor active ones. Drone pilots operate these machines, surveying sites in both heavily congested as well as remote locales.

5. Tablets and wifi.

There is no doubt about it; tablets and wifi have changed almost every aspect of life.

The construction industry is no different. Instead of lugging around huge, inconvenient rolls of blueprints and paperwork, construction companies are now relying on the versatility and ease of tablets and jobsite wifi. Allowing the storage of large amounts of data, tablets have absolutely changed the landscape of the construction industry. Employees now can access data with the swipe of a finger, instead of sifting through a huge paper stack back at the office.

Whether you work in the construction industry or not, the introduction of innovative technology and how it has changed the professional landscape is indisputable. The influx of construction apps, wearable technology increasing jobsite safety and tool tracking is all supported by in-site wifi and tablet operation. If you work in construction or not, perhaps you should think about incorporating some of these elements into your business.


  1. Now a days we see there are many technology has been used in the construction work. So i think this is so good for us to get a better construction and better world.

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