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Warning: The Truth Well Told


by Ralph Masengill, author of “Conquer Change and Win

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After over forty years of studying change, one thing is crystal clear. When it comes to change we only have two choices. One is to embrace change with all of the issues that seems to bring or we can live in denial of the truth that change is always going on and suffer through our denial. Living in a fantasy world of denial can cost us our happiness and often our business or job.

As we say here in East Tennessee those are “Hard Sayings”. Here is another one – most of us will not change until the pain of not changing is worse than the pain of changing.

When I first read that years ago it caused a major shock to my way of thinking. I have been guilty of making that mistake time and time again. The problem with that kind of timing is by then it is already too late to keep significant damage from occurring to ourselves or our company. There is always damage when you live in the denial that change is constant.

Yes change is constant and I submit that the only choices you have are: l. Embrace Change. 2. Deny that change is constant. It is true that both will cause some pain. However, if you chose to embrace change you can control the direction of the change and that can be beneficial to you and your organization.

It does seem to be a simple and obvious choice. However, without the experience of working with controlling change and the pain it brings most folks do not end up setting up change to their advantage. Why? Because of the pain all change both good and bad change brings with it. However, denial of change also brings pain and often disaster along for the ride. Here is what most of us must understand and accept as truth. We are going to have pain either way. So let us chose to embrace change and control the outcome and control some of the pain.

Have you ordered my new book? It is fresh off the press. “Conquer Change and Win” is an easy-to-read fun book about the serious subject of change. This book will change your life. Try the path less traveled. You will be glad you did.


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Ralph Masengill is one of the original change agents in the United States. Before the quality movement came into vogue, he and his associates were presenting seminars and papers to senior management across the nation on quality and change. His company Masengill Marketing Associates has won over 850 national and regional advertising and marketing awards. Ralph is the author of two books, “Beat the Curve” and “Conquer Change and Win“.