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8 Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have To Become An Influencer


by Patrick Panuncillon, CEO of Linkvista Digital Inc.


Our brain becomes so alert when listening to lots of voices or sounds while we are in a crowd. Whether it is about politics, music, fashion or anything, we do not care. But when one of the voices is talking about something we are interested in, we stop and listen.

We suddenly focus on where that sound comes from and try to locate it as we hear it. That voice, whoever or whatever it might be is called an influencer. And how fascinating it is if we were not only followers but are also the ones followed in the industries we’re in.

What are Influencers?

Influencers are where other people come for advice, whether he/she is in the business industry, politics, music, or any endeavors. These are the people whose advice is adhered to and whose advice are crucial to the way people run their businesses.

Influencers have insights and have proven integrity when talking business. They are present in almost any industry, Media, the Internet, Health  & Fitness, and showbiz. All known influencers have different traits that identified one from the other. Besides having the in-depth know-how of industries, Influencers have a charisma that attracts an audience. In other words, Influence spells out authority.

Being an influencer requires hard work. It entails years of struggle and sacrifices that will put your patience to test in capturing people’s attention. It means being visible and can easily be located. You can do this through Google Maps marketing. Things won’t come easy. But when you finally become one of those who can dictate in just a few words or can command authority by just small advisers to industry owners, how great would that be, right?

Challenges are embedded in pursuing this scenario, yet, in spite of all the hurdles, you can be the next to best Influencer if you follow these steps.

1. Single-Out Targeted Audience.

Well, you want to start, but you do not know where to begin. That’s understandable. Take things slowly by targeting a particular audience you can handle in a given period or time. When you get this done, you win half of the battle. Here are some questions you can analyze to have a better understanding of prospective followers.

  • What are the conventional beliefs of your focused audience?
  • What are the lifestyle options of your viewers?
  • Who are the influencers they follow?
  • How do these influencers execute their jobs?

2. Locate An Influencer To Be An Influencer.

Do research on Influencers through Google map marketing who became famous and find inspiration and insights on what they do and how they become a success in their own time. There must be a motivating factor for their success just like industry experts; there is always an icon behind those achievements. You are fortunate if you have already found one but if not, then try searching Twitter and LinkedIn. There sure is someone in these media channels which has this expertise and excellence.

3. Enhance Your Vault of Knowledge.

The best weapon is knowledge. And use this knowledge to make an impact on your audiences. Make sure that you are capable of answering all the queries of your industry followers because this will be an indicator for them to know you understand what you are talking about and sharing with them. And this builds trust and confidence on you as an Influencer. If you reached this part and perfected it, you win three-fourths of the battle.

To reinforce you with boosting your knowledge, read famous books which provide enough insights for Influencers. You can also use maps marketing to find out about successful influencers in your area.

4. Keep Your Followers Busy.

Some audiences are always finding answers to questions regarding their industry. It will be normal for your followers to continuously call you up or visit your office for your advice. Make sure you can be easily located through the use of local maps marketing. Be ready! Whether their queries are satisfactorily answered or not, by “word of mouth,” your name will go around a business arena. If you do well, you might wake up one day with too many customers all picking up online in your office doorstep.

5. Technology Leverage.

When it comes to new technologies, be the first to know. Why? Technology allows you to inform customers of time-sensitive knowledge and that will attract their attention because they will be the first to have updates. Just imagine when one of your clients tells one of his friends who has no knowledge about it, he will take pride of you informing him. This deepens the relationship between you as Influencer and your customer. Utilize new media platforms, social media power, and blogging to distribute your knowledge by an information-sharing process promptly.

6. Always Look For Opportunities To Become Part Of Social Events.

With marketing maps, you can know about the latest events near you. Social parties and activities are one way of gathering information as well as sharing hot topics and imparting your knowledge and insights to any topic of discussion. And when you are so well-versed in addressing issues, people will look up at you. The next thing that could happen is for new audiences asking for your contact number and when they can have the time for a privileged conversation with you. You might also even be invited to deliver speeches in a forum.

7. Pitch Yourself.

Make deliberate efforts to attract the attention of customers. That is hard work but profitable. You might be full of knowledge, but if you do not deliver then, nobody will ever learn what you know. Showcase your talent. Use social media channels and other avenues to gain recognition.

8. Enlarge Your Network.

Influencers who became experts always use networking in their audience-hunting. Industry specialists in the net can easily be accessed through strategic networking. Also, it will encourage regular interaction and have your audiences at your fingertips.



Patrick Panuncillon is a passionate leader and CEO of Linkvista Digital Inc. He and his team of experts from the Philippines help their business partners across the globe achieve their fullest potentials through cutting edge SEO techniques and Digital Marketing Strategies. Connect with him now on LinkedIn.


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