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Restaurant Hiring Mistakes That Should Never Be Made


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Hiring is really important for the long term success of the restaurant. We are talking about a business where direct contact with guests is vital. This means that you cannot really get away with too many staff related mistakes. We are faced with huge problems that can appear when you want to hire the great people that will help the restaurant grow.

The most common mistakes – as observed by Bob Sambol – are highlighted here:

Not Clearly Clarifying Roles.

It is impossible to hire someone that will help on the long run if you do not clearly define the job descriptions. This practically means that role responsibilities have to be as clear as possible. This does include but is not limited to processes, tasks and goals. Drafting up appropriate job descriptions will always help hire someone that will do the job in a great way.

Sugarcoating Tasks And Responsibilities.

A restaurant job is not necessarily glamorous. Everyone knows that. The problem is that many restaurant owners will try to sugarcoat everything associated with the job. This is a huge mistake. You need to be as transparent as possible. If you are not, the staff members you hire will end up leaving. Do be honest especially about physical requirements and working hours. Never mislead the job candidates. You can go over hesitations by putting a focus on the potential career development.

Low-Balling Compensations.

The best restaurant workers know exactly what their value is. Because of this, when you low-ball offers, salaries and compensations, you will find it tough to maintain talent. A minimum of market-rate compensation is always a necessity. The job candidates will not be interested if they can find something that is exactly the same and that is paid much better somewhere else, even if at first glance the job you offer is more rewarding on the long term.

Not Considering Internal Promotions.

You have to understand that the most valuable workers in the restaurant industry are the ones that show a true passion. It is your job to find them. Many restaurant owners will instantly focus on the external candidates instead of the own employees and the possibility of offering promotions. When you promote right from your business you are basically guaranteed that the performance and ethic that appear are known by you.

Not Offering Flexible Scheduling.

Most restaurant workers that have an hourly schedule will tell you that this is really problematic. Balancing the long hours with personal priorities is challenging. Disorganized scheduling systems are going to make the employees tired and unhappy. They will start looking for another job opportunity that gives them that necessary flexibility. Always be clear about the fact that the schedule is flexible when you hire. This will actually offer an incentive for the worker to sign the contract.

On the whole, hiring in the restaurant industry is something that has to be handled with extreme care. You want the employees that will care about the restaurant but this automatically means that you have to show that you also care about them.