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Got Your CDL And An Entrepreneurial Spirit? Tips for Starting Your Own Trucking Line


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Once you have your CDL and a bit of experience under your belt, you might be interested in starting your own trucking line. When working for someone else it might seem a lot less complicated than it really is, but with time you will begin to learn how trucking companies work and one day you will come up with an innovative idea that just might revolutionize the industry.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, here are some tips for starting your own trucking line:

Get a Feel for the Road.

Seasoned truckers say they have a new respect for trucking long distance after coming in as rookies who had a glorified idea of what life on the road was like. Sometimes it is literally weeks before you get home again as you drop a load, pick one up for a new destination, only to start the process over again.

You are required by law to drive no more than a certain number of hours and rest a certain number within a 24 hour period, but far from home you are certainly not sleeping in your own bed. Even if, at some point, you have drivers for your entire fleet, you will want to have a healthy respect of what they do on a daily basis so as to be a fair employer.

A Rig and Trailers.

Of course you will need a rig to get started and a trailer to pull. Peterbilt Trailers come highly recommended and can be found both new and used. Also, as you begin growing you will need an affordable source of rigs for your drivers. You may want to contract some drivers who have their own rig but you may want drivers working for you in your company trucks. Either way, rigs and trailers are, of course, a must for a trucking company.

Insurance, Insurance and more Insurance.

There are literally so many kinds of coverage that you can and must purchase that this is something you should take your time considering. You may also want to consult with your accountant or lawyer to make sure you have ample coverage in the event of a major loss. What would happen if one of your drivers lost control of his truck and permanently injured or killed someone? Would you be at risk of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build over the years? Your equipment is important but insurance may even be more so when it comes to longevity.

In the beginning, driving a truck on those long distance runs seems like heaven on earth. For some people without families at home waiting for them, it really is heaven. For others it’s a passion but still hard to handle because of the long haul between times at home. Even so, what a great way to see the country, meet new people and make a living doing something you love. At some point you may want to start your very own trucking line and the above tips should get you on your way. Remember though, it’s just like anything else in life. The more you put in, the more you get out so give it your all.