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How To Set Up The Best Office Ever


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It seems that people care a lot more about business offices than ever before. I guess it’s because photos of a cool office go viral very quickly! If you want to set up the best office ever, consider these suggestions:

Keep it suitable.

We all want to have really cool offices. But you should really take into consideration the kind of work your company does. Some types of “awesome” offices are simply not suited to specific kinds of work! Let’s say you run an accounting business, or even a legal firm. The kind of clients you’re going to get are probably going to be pretty, y’know, serious. As much as you want that slide in your office, your clients probably won’t be that impressed by it! Make sure your office doesn’t clash with the nature of your business.

Listen to employee feedback.

If you want to make changes to your office, then you should definitely get suggestions from employees. Send out an email asking people for feedback. If there’s anything that bugs them about the office, invite them to email you about it. You could even have a suggestion box in the middle of the office where people can write down ideas on slips of paper and put them in. You might get some pretty ridiculous ideas in there, though.

Invest in the best.

The decorations and the furniture you get should be unique. For some, finding anything that’s “unique” means digging around in thrift stores. I don’t want to discourage you from having a look for things in thrift stores, of course! But when it comes to the furniture across your office, you really need to focus on quality and a unique style. Looking into bespoke executive office furniture can guarantee that you get both. And remember! A given piece of furniture may look incredible, but if it’s uncomfortable then it’s essentially useless! You need to consider employee comfort a priority in your business.

Get some inspiration.

We’re not in the fifties anymore. Sure, most offices out there are still pretty plain. They all follow the same boring colour scheme and have the same kind of furniture. But it’s not like it’s difficult to find offices that are unquestionably awesome and exciting! You’ve probably seen the photos of the Facebook and Google offices already; we know they’re amazing. But, of course, they’re billion-dollar companies. They’re worth looking at for inspiration, but it can all feel a little out of reach more of the time. But there are plenty of startup offices that look incredible, too.

Consider a dog.

What? Don’t give me that weird look. I’m not joking. Dogs have been proven to have positive effects on employees in the workplace. Dogs can reduce stress and increase employee happiness – all important parts of fostering productivity. Of course, all of that goes out the window if you have employees who are scared of dogs or allergic to them. So make sure you ask around before making that kind of decision!

(P.S. My last office had a Pomeranian in it. Good dog. Highly recommended.)


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