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Working On The Road: JustFly’s Guide To Taking Your Work With You


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The travelling professional. More and more people are travelling around the world, making a living and dealing with the rigours of extensive travel. While people who globe trot certainly have some tips of their own, there is some more general advice that can be extremely helpful for those who are embarking on a life of work and travel. To get the best advice I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency based out of North America.

JustFly breaks the process down into three stages, showing how they can help travelling workers every step of the way: 

The Right Accessories. 

First on JustFly’s review is having the right gear. Do you work on a desktop computer? Time to move on. Now, you might be thinking a laptop is your only only option. While it is certainly a good choice there are other alternatives out there that can be extremely useful. One is the Intel Compute Stick. This tiny PC is about the size of a USB jump drive and plugs in directly to any monitor that has HDMI support. Far from a super computer, it is great for doing presentations on the go and completing simple tasks like checking email and simple web browsing. Other top notch accessories include bags like the Bluesmart Carry-On, a bag that features bluetooth tracking, USB charging, and remote locking.

The Right Flights. 

While flying first class can be costly, the environment is far more palatable for getting work done between destinations. Between better food, more room, and the chance to grab a legit power nap, getting yourself into first class can be a valuable and productive move. Additionally, do some reviews, find out which carriers have the best in-flight WiFi, as slow internet can put a damper on just about any project. 

The Right Accommodations. 

In-room internet is not made equally according to JustFly. I’m sure its happened while on vacation anywhere you have seen advertising for in-room internet and have been shocked to see what that can actually mean. From two foot ethernet cables, to barely there WiFi, it’s important you do your research when it comes to finding the best networks. If that fails, there are devices that can help you out. The Apple Airport Express is one such device. This unit plugs into the wall and connects via ethernet cable to your hotel’s internet. Once connected, you can launch and secure your own wireless network, turning cabled internet into wireless internet very easily.