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B2B Companies: Here’s Why You Need An Enterprise App


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Enterprise apps are taking the world of business by storm, completely revolutionising a whole range of business process including the way in which employees work and how companies interact with their clients and customers. However, if you haven’t yet tried using a mobile app to improve your business, you might be finding it difficult to understand how developing a custom app could help or benefit you. This, along with the cost of developing an app and horror stories regarding security issues is just one of the things that’s putting many business owners and managers off developing an app.

So, we’ve decided to summarise the great benefits of developing an enterprise app, which greatly outweigh any disadvantages that you may have heard about:

Increased Productivity.

When you sell products and services to other businesses, productivity is one of the most important factors. Since your customers are business owners and managers who require the solutions that you provide fast in order to keep their own customers satisfied, the need for efficient and productive work strategies is crucial. Research shows that a mobile app can help to increase your business’ productivity by up to 40%. This is because apps allow employees to have easier and faster access to resources, better communication and can even increase employee satisfaction by enabling them to work on their own devices or from home.

Better Communication.

Developing a mobile app for your B2B company can significantly boost levels of communication both between your employees and with your clients. Rather than having to call you or email to check the status of a product or project, for example, clients can use your app to log in and check on how their order is coming along and when they can expect it to be finished. On top of that, you could even add features to your app that allow existing clients to request further orders from you in the future, giving them an option to order what they need and even pay from any location without having to go through the hassle of trying to reach you on the phone or via email. Learn more about developing B2B apps here.

Reduce Costs.

One of the factors which can put many business owners and managers off having a mobile app developed for company use is the cost. Although developing a mobile app could be costlier initially, those who take the plunge will soon realise that the money spent will pay off quickly by reducing expenditure and allowing them to either reduce costs or get more for their money in the future. For example, when you develop a mobile app, it can significantly reduce the amount of time that employees spend looking for resources or communicating with others, allowing them to free up time to complete extra work and giving you more for your money when it comes to wages. Employees can also use apps to complete tasks during free ‘pockets’ of time such as when commuting between two different areas.

An enterprise app can really help your business to succeed and stand out!