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The Advantages Of Surveys In The Workplace


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Conducting a survey is a way to gather data about a specific topic, often in a manner which is confidential. Conducting surveys in the workplace can help you to have a good idea of employee attitudes and satisfaction, as well as understand perceptions about all factors including your leadership style and business practices along with understanding individual satisfaction levels regarding employee benefits and compensation.

The main advantage of conducting surveys in the workplace is that the process can provide you with a detailed picture of the opinions, thoughts and feelings of those who you employ to work for your company.


The format of surveys is quite versatile, meaning that it can be used in order to measure a wide variety of different topics and factors, and personalized to be custom to your company’s policies and procedures. For example, conducting a survey which focuses on employee satisfaction in the workplace can help management staff to determine what it is that makes employees both happy and unhappy in their jobs. A survey which focuses on opinions can help to determine what it is that employees think about company policies and procedures.


One reason why many employees do not like to speak their mind about their true feelings regarding their jobs is a fear of the repercussions which could arise from doing so. By conducting surveys, you will give your employees the advantage of answering questions regarding their work anonymously, which means that you’re more likely to get true opinions and honest answers than if you were to simply ask them outright. Anonymity is a useful feature especially if you have questions to ask which require responses in greater detail.


By conducting an employee survey, you give employees the message that tells them you are interested in their opinions and working to ensure that their experience is one which they enjoy and are satisfied with. By showing this kind of interest in your employees, it will boost employee morale and raise satisfaction levels, which in turn can help the success of your business. By conducting surveys, you are helping employees to understand that they have a say in how the business is run, especially if you include the option to make suggestions via survey.

Reduced Turnover.

Conducting an exit survey when an employee resigns from their position is an excellent way to help you understand the factors which led up to their resignation. Understanding the reasons why employees leave your company can help you to reduce turnover by working on these factors to ensure that less employees are leaving because of them. For example, if surveys show that employees are resigning due to a lack of potential for career growth, you may want to consider implementing a training and development program in order to address this. If an employee tells you that they are resigning as they feel underappreciated, you can work to address levels of employee satisfaction.

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