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Phone Privacy Guard – Your Phone’s New Best Friend


leomaster phone privacy guard

In all honesty, it has become difficult to protect the privacy of smartphones both while surfing the internet as well as while offline in recent times. With the vast expansion of social media and networking coupled with all of the laws that have been written down to help manage the internet, and with search engines that use advanced technology, it has become possible to track down people easily.

Here is how you can protect your phone from malicious apps and prying eyes:

How to get one?

Visit your phone store or the iTunes store and purchase the Leomaster software before downloading it.It will cost you only as much as a cup of coffee! When you finish downloading it, you should install it. The installation process will take only a few minutes. You will be able to use the application only when you finish enabling it. The phone privacy guard application will, however, need to be updated once in a while but do not worry since the updates are free.

How does it work?

After you have finished installing it, go to your settings in order to enable your newly installed application. The application will give you total control over the granting of permissions to the other apps. Most of the apps come with the default permission “Allowed.” However, with this application, you could deny the other apps permissions. It is suggested that you enable the privacy lock so that the default app permission will show as “Denied.” Moreover, this phone privacy guard will tell you when you installed it so that you can know the date on which you made it possible for the app to deny permissions to the other apps by default.

Make no mistake.

While providing the setting options, make sure you do not give the app the permission to start automatically while the computer gets booted. Wake up! These are applications that will use up your battery and monitor. Once you have gone through this phase, make sure you go to the advanced settings tab to set your preferences. Finally, go to the settings tab once again to see all the installed applications. If you want, you can set the permissions to “Always ask” instead of “Allowed” or “Denied” so that there won’t be any problems in the future. This will allow you more control over all your applications. Moreover, it will allow you to identify whether the app you denied permission to is the one that crashed.

Always update the app.

Make sure that you always update Leomaster whenever the app allows you to download the updates since it will let you enjoy more features. It is possible that the makers of the application have omitted something in the previous version or want to correct some bugs in the app. You do not always have to work with each application every time with this application when you have the option of giving one permission for all the apps. You can also always reset the app if you want at any point of time in case you are dissatisfied with the current settings.