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There Is No Better Time Than Now To Start An Online Business And Begin Building Wealth


by Timothy Sykes of timothysykes.com

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We are currently amidst one of the most exciting times in history. The power of the internet has not only transformed the way that people interact with the world around them, but it has also completely changed the way that people today buy and sell goods and services. For those who have ever considered starting their own online business, now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity within the market.

When I started day trading online and transformed $12,415 into more than $2 million, I thought I had harnessed all of the power and potential of the Internet. However, what I didn’t realize is that there are so many more ways of using the Internet to our advantage besides just trading stocks online.

By the time I chose to launch my own business offering training services to other traders, I started to see just how many people I could reach through a well thought-out online business.

There are so many people out there who have the potential to start a successful online business, and here are some of the top reasons why there is no better day than today to start on this journey.

You Don’t Need A Lot of Overhead.

One of the best things about starting an online business in general is that you don’t need a lot of overhead. In fact, there are only a few basic pieces of criteria that you need to meet in order to qualify as someone who can start their own online business. You need to:

  • Have an idea
  • Have an internet connection
  • Possess ability to write clearly and accurately
  • Be comfortable browsing the web
  • Be able to sit at the computer for a few hours at a time, a few days a week
  • Have the motivation to take control of your life

If you have these things, you have the basic tools needed to create and promote an online business. This is why this is such an exciting time in today’s market; so many people from all different walks of life have what they need to start their own online business, if they are just willing to take the first step.

You Can Create a Business Around Virtually Anything.

There is no better time than now to start an online business, because thanks to peoples’ reliance on the Internet, you can create business around virtually anything. When I started my online business, I didn’t have products to sell; all I had was my knowledge on trading. However, with nothing more than my own professional insight, I was able to create my own successful online business that has expanded to include video seminars, DVDs, eBooks and training materials. All I had was my own knowledge, but I was able to transform that into an online business. Just imagine what others with products and services can do if they just make the effort to start their own company.

You Have Access to 2 Billion Customers.

The Internet has never been more popular than it is today. In fact, more than 2 billion people from around the globe use the Internet. That is more than 2 billion people that you can target as your customers. Think of how many more people you have access to compared to traditional brick and mortar stores. The Internet has already supplied your customers, now you just need to supply the business that they are looking for.

If you think there is something holding you back from starting an online business, think again. Many times the hardest part of beginning a new venture is taking the first step, but today’s market is just ready and waiting for new businesses, and consumers from all over the globe are turning to the internet more than ever for all of their needs. Now is the time to start an online business, you just need to be ready to make the effort.

You Can Go Viral.

In the same vein as being exposed to people all over the world, your business has the potential to go viral. If your product/service is good enough, it will be spread through online word-of-mouth quicker than you could ever imagine. This alone offers a very high level of reward with very low risk. Contrast this to an offline business, which wouldn’t go global without years (maybe even decades) of hard work and major spending. Once something online catches in, it will transcend all borders and launch you into a level of success that simply wouldn’t be as likely with a brick-and-mortar business.

The Opportunity is Yours, So Take It.

All of these advantages make starting an online business a no-brainer. That’s not to say there’s a guarantee that you will find success on your first try (few people do), but if you work on refining your business model and keep improving, the odds will be in your favor. The internet is by far the most convenient avenue to begin a business and start building wealth right now, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunities it presents you.



Timothy Sykes is an American stock trader, entrepreneur, and penny stock expert. He is best known for turning $12,415 of Bar Mitzvah money into nearly $2 million by day trading in-between classes at Tulane University. He currently runs timothysykes.com, where he teaches students how to day trade penny stocks.