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Business Is Booming: Black Friday Fervour


It’s safe to say that Black Friday is like catnip to overzealous bargain hunters.

In a bid to get their paws on cut-price electronics or discounted clothing, keyed up shoppers are set to go loopy as the world’s largest retailers slash prices in-store and online for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Whether that involves setting up camp outside their local shopping centre or propping their eyes open with matchsticks as they frantically hit the refresh button on their laptop, twitchy punters are determined to take advantage of countless marked down items.

Indeed, what began as a US phenomenon has spread like wildfire and made its way to UK shores, with many of the country’s top retailers getting in on the act, as British punters look to grab a bargain in the run up to Christmas.

Put simply, it seems like the whole world is obsessed with the retail madness of Black Friday.

With that in mind, we’ve unearthed this very interesting infographic, which charts the UK’s seemingly unstoppable love affair with Black Friday – not to mention the massive smile this day puts on the faces of customers and retailers alike.



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