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[Infographic] The World’s Hippest Office Addresses

Startups understand that where they base themselves have a direct impact on their success; aside from being where their markets are, it’s also about availability of the right infrastructure and access to talent and funding. But there are some cities (and areas within cities) that also offer added prestige – from London to Silicon Valley, some office addresses have more gravitas than others.

Consider Shoreditch in east London with its hip social scene, where a number of tech startups are based. Or Stockholm in Sweden, considered one of the most startup-friendly cities in the world.

The folks at Packsend have compiled an infographic that looks at some of the world’s hippest office locations, including a few up-and-coming areas you might not have considered (PS: Just note that Kuala Lumpar should really be spelled Kuala Lumpur. Lumpar in local parlance actually means penis):



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