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Things To Consider When Starting An IT Company


by Alex Christo

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Starting an IT company is not an easy job. In fact, starting any company is difficult. However, if you are interested in opening an IT company, there are a number of other factors that you will have to consider. First of all, you will have to decide the type of services that you will offer. Most IT companies offer a wide range of services to their customers. From handling help desk features to creating fully furnished websites for clients, the job of an IT company is not really specific.

IT systems are now used in virtually every field in the business industry. From supply chain management to retail and customer ordering, IT systems are used throughout the industry. However, for a person providing IT services, a lot of these factors need to be considered at once. Here are a few of them:

What Services Will You Provide?

An IT company can provide a plethora of different services. You could provide complete IT solutions to a company. This would mean taking over all of their IT related systems and managing them. Or, you could offer anti- spam solutions. Either way, the first step is to make sure that you create a list of services that your company will provide. Here are a few options available:

Services Relating to Systems Management.

Your company can offer IT database management to other companies. This is basically a small scale service where a third party manages the databases of another company. The IT company is required to regularly update the database and include any changes as required. Most companies maintain several different databases; inventory, staff databases, etc. They may even hire an IT company to create a new database.

Payroll Services.

IT companies are also frequently hired to create payroll software and to track the payments of employees on a company’s payroll. Payroll services are important, since they are material to the company’s financials. The IT Company might be required to create a whole IT system for tracking payments. It might include the implementation of RFID systems to track employees or another direct method.

Consultation Services.

Consultation services are usually only required by third party multinational companies. These companies want an idea of how the implementation of a new system will affect their business. IT companies are usually required to provide detailed consultation regarding the feasibility of the proposal, as well as suggest alternatives. Experienced staff members are required for this purpose.

Creating an Office.

Once you have created a list of services that your IT Company will offer, the next step is to set up an office. IT companies require a proper office which is equipped with the latest computers and technological enhancements. This requires a lot of capital in the first place.

Moreover, after installing new computers and laptops, an IT company will also be required to invest in software programs. These programs include word processors, spreadsheet creators as well as anti-virus programs. They are relatively expensive and can cost a good amount of money.

If your company will offer network related services, you might even have to create a server room. Most IT companies set up their own servers. However, if start-up capital is limited, you can consider renting third party servers from another company too.

Courting Clients.

The last thing that you would have to consider is to get clients. Without firm clients, an IT company will find it difficult to thrive in the market. You will have to create detailed packages and visit other companies to submit your proposal. This is very important for any business in this industry.


Alex Christo

Alex Christo is an avid technology fanatic and blogger, with his main area of expertise being in SME IT solutions and support. He currently works for EPOSNow in their technical department, overseeing the development of systems and customer support whilst also looking after the company website.



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