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How To Make A Killing With An E Commerce Business


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People love to shop. We love to buy new things and we’re always seeking out bargains. This is the number one rule that all sellers need to remember. Buying new things triggers a chemical release in our brains. There’s a reason they call it retail therapy! The trick with e-commerce isn’t forcing people to buy, it’s simply nudging them in the right direction. That’s what we’ll help you with today.

When you start thinking like this, you realise the sheer opportunity available to you. The entire world is out there just waiting for great items to show up in front of them! The internet makes it easier than ever to do this. You can find and target the right people and you can build a relationship with them.

If you have a great product, but no idea how to sell it, we’re here to help:

Determine the demand for your product before you make it.

We’ve met far too many sellers who jumped into the market too quickly. If you think you’ve got a great product idea, take a second to develop it. Build some prototypes and get some vital feedback. We always tell new sellers to do the ‘Grandma test’. Explain your product to your Grandma (and anyone else in your family) and see if they like it. The key to great sales is universal appeal. If your grandma, your mum and your dad can understand and like it, it has mass appeal. If you’re going for a more niche, specific market, find people in that niche and get their feedback.

Ask why will this product improve or change someone’s life.

Facts and figures will only go half way to convincing someone they need your product. When we go shopping, we use our head and our hearts. You’ll always find yourself drawn to something because your heart loves it. You identify with it or connect with it in some way. You can instantly see how it will improve your life, even for the smallest moment. That’s how you get people to buy. Look for how you can make an emotional connection with customers.

The customer is always right.

From now on, this is your daily mantra. Listen to your customers every day. Your product will continually evolve before it finds its perfect form. Your customers will help show you the way. Build a community and use your customers to help promote your small business.

Start with a specific audience and collect data.

The internet offers an entire world of potential customers. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to reach them all at once! The trick is to start with a targeted, niche approach. Define your dream customer. What are the demographics and the interests of your perfect customer? Who needs and loves this product more than anyone else? Use social media and other marketing tools to seek out this niche and sell to them first. Slowly gather demographic and location data using identity verification. With every purchase you’ll learn more and more about your customers and how to extend this reach.

Follow this advice and you can make a killing with an ecommerce business. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen. There’s no reason why your business can’t be the next big success story!