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[Infographic] Increasing Foot Traffic


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Everyone that walks by your store is a potential customer and you need to view things that way or you won’t exploit the potential that it presents. The issue is about how to actually get those random passersby to actually make the choice to come into your store and take the time to peruse your offerings.

First impressions really are everything and so you need to ensure that your store looks really inviting, firstly from the outside and then once the customer gets inside. These ideas may require some element of investment but if executed well, you should get a return for your input in the form of increased customer numbers and in turn increased revenue.

This infographic from SMS Store Traffic aims to give a comprehensive guide on how to increase the number of customers that your store gets in the door. The info-graphic outlines methods to get your store looking appealing both from the exterior to the interior. It also outlines what it believes customers are really looking for thus allowing you to attempt to meet those needs and as a result positively affect your return on investment:


[Infographic credit: SMS Store Traffic]


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