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[Infographic] 5 Hiring Tips For Warp-Speed Recruiting


As far as the hirers are concerned, the Millennial Generation may as well have come from a different planet. Their needs are totally different from those of the previous generations, and their work ethic and job expectations can also be alien to those of older professionals who have worked a certain way for most of their lives.

But recruiters need to get used to these facts as the Millennials start to enter the workforce; their challenge is to sieve out and match the best talent to the workplace. And for that they need to abandon obsolescent hiring practices – job classifieds in newspapers, anybody? – and start looking at adopting new-age recruitment tools to identify and connect with those talents.

Here is an infographic by the team at Adecco that gives 5 tips for attracting the best Millennial talent:

5 Hiring Tips For Warp-Speed Recruiting

[Infographic credit: Adecco]