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A Guide To A Safer Office


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These are not words one wants to hear when running a workplace. Like tumbling profits or dodgy clients, a flaming workplace tends to get in the way of good business.

And it’s not the only safety issue that could befall your workplace. Even in a placid office setting, your staff are at risk of injury, poor ventilation or even something as simple as repetitive strain injury (RSI).

With every employee you allow to get injured, you’re risking a legal challenge, days off sick or a damaged workplace.

There are, however, ways to make sure you never hear the sound of injury or the clamour of flames in your nine to five. Just try a few of these:

Fight the flames.

As previously stated, fire sucks. If you’re already having a bad day, seeing your business sputtering ash and flame and melted plastic and the licking hatred of black smoke will, undoubtedly, make that day far worse.

Install blast protection into your walls to stop flames in their tracks if they break out. Dot a few fire extinguishers around the office and teach your employees how to use them, as well as how they should exit if a fire befalls your premises.

But to stop the likelihood of fires, let your employees know what not to do when they’re around flames. With conscientious staff, you’ll be sure to avoid an ash-pile-office.

Call in the pros.

Especially in larger workplaces, patching up every health and safety nightmare can seem like corking a leaky cruise liner on your own. That’s why there are professionals available to help you.

People with a broad knowledge of health and safety legislation and can pull together a team to fix your workplace can be found online. With their help, you can ensure safety for your employees – and avoid an injury claim denting your wallet.

Circulation to avoid frustration.

While an office might seem like a safe haven from workplace injury, there are actually a number of dangers lurking in the corners of your work desk and around the water cooler.

RSI can lead to your fingers seizing in an arthritic pain. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) could kick in if you stay seated for too long. Extension cables could trip you on your way to the toilet.

Even in a sedentary workplace, dangers are everywhere. So make sure your employees know how stay safe, no matter where they’re working.