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Test Drive Project Management Software To Know Its True Value For Your Business


by Sharon Thomson, Business Manager at ProofHub


It’s great you have decided to go in for a web based project management software for your business. You must have considered the views of your friends, team members and others who spoke positively about a project management solution. You are hoping that this tool is going to open a new world for you. Quite right!

But now the challenge that lies before you is to how to choose that project management system which best suits your needs. With so many project management tools available varying in terms of their functionality, features and pricing, finding the most suitable one would not be easy. As this is an important decision on which your and your business’s future depends, it requires deep thinking, analysis and research. This calls for devoting enough time and effort for the same.

The Internet is a good place to visit various online project management tools and read about them. Reading a tool will just give a general idea about it, but you would not be able to discover all its benefits. For more knowledge, it becomes necessary to seek support and guidance from the project management software company concerned. A demo conducted by the company provides you the opportunity to test drive a tool in the presence of its experts. Thus you will be able to realize its potential fully. After knowing the various benefits the solution offers, you can better understand how it is going to boost your business’s efficiency and productivity.

Demo is the best option you have got for properly evaluating a tool and judging its usefulness for your business. This will make your search for the most appropriate tool far more easier and quicker. Project management software companies are using demos to reach out to their prospects. So companies are able to give prospects a meaningful and informative view of their tool. By arming them with the right knowledge, they would be able to make the right choice and thus gain handsomely from it. It is highly advised to enroll yourself for a demo session for understanding a tool comprehensively before you decide to commit to it.

These are some of the notable advantages associated with a project management software demo session:

1. Better understanding of the solution.

The company experts can help you to gain a better understanding of their tool. They will be able to explain to you all its features and the benefits associated with them. So you can easily make out how this is going to help you in the working of your business. The experts may unearth many interesting and useful points about the tool which you were not even aware of. You may discover it to be far more beneficial than what you expected. As these experts have already spent considerable time in using the application themselves, they have a detailed knowledge about it. So they would be able to guide you properly. Plus experts have been specifically trained to attend to you. They fill make you feel at home and provide you with relevant and beneficial information.

2. Voicing your concerns and needs.

There are all sort of questions and concerns circling your mind like the tool’s ease of use, its future, security, costs, strengths, capabilities, weaknesses, customer service, etc. Experts will be addressing them fully and to your satisfaction. They will give you a patient hearing. So you can express yourself confidently and comfortably. Experts would like to know the nature of your business and how you conduct your business operations. You can tell them about your expectations from the tool. So they can guide you accordingly and suggest you those solutions that are best fit for your business. You might come across such solutions about which you had no prior idea and this will be really exciting for you. You will be able to gain more knowledge about the tool and develop a broader view about it. Experts would be frank enough to admit in case their tool is unable to fulfill your needs. So you can decide easily whether to subscribe to or not to their solution for your business needs.

3. Effective comparison with the competitors’ tools.

The experts giving the demo not only know their tool minutely, but also have a fair knowledge of their competitors’ tools. So this gives you a chance to know enough about the functionality and capabilities of the project management solutions offered by their competitors. You can ask them to explain how the features and benefits in their tool score a point over their rivals’ solutions. This enables you to rank their solution accurately in the league of similar tools. Definitely this is going to save you a lot of time and effort in comparing various solutions on your own. It helps you to decide if the experts’ software is capable of addressing your needs and concerns or not.

By choosing the right tool, you will be able to derive all those benefits that are needed for the successful management of your business. A tool is likely to find acceptance with you only if there is a common meeting ground between what you need and what is being offered by the respective software provider.

4. Building rich relationships with the company people.

The demo provides you a chance to establish close rapport with the software provider. So you can readily share your views and concerns with company people. They will be able to better understand your viewpoint. They are going to come up with relevant and enterprising solutions as your business’s needs grow up with time. Their guidance and support will be instrumental in boosting your business’s growth and productivity. By collaborating with them, you would be able to ensure a grand future for your business.

As you try to introduce the new project management system into your business, you need sincere advice and active support from the solution provider. Your team members and employees need to be imparted the necessary knowledge about the new tool. This allows them to use the solution comfortably and gain the most from its use. Their queries need to be answered. Here you need counselling from the solution provider. With the help extended by the company experts through case studies, help and support, etc., your team members would be able to use the tool properly. Thus they can work better towards achievement of goals of your business. Now the future of your business is in safe hands.

Demos provide you with an opportunity to test and evaluate a software before its adoption. Once getting convinced about its usefulness for your business, you can decide in its favor easily and firmly. Thus you will be saving a lot of time in testing it. Any queries you have about the tool, will get answered confidently and truthfully by company experts so a clear picture emerges.


Sharon Thomson

Sharon Thomson is a Business Manager at ProofHub, a web based project management software that facilitates management of projects and helps in their faster and accurate accomplishment as per schedule. It enables the team members who are spread out in different locations in the world to collaborate over project matters.