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[Infographic] The People Behind The Biggest Apps In The World

flappy bird

Did you know that a 17-year old made $30 million from an app he created and sold to Yahoo where he now works? Yup, that would be Summly founder Nick D’Aloisio, who – according to those in the know – hasn’t yet spent his money since the acquisition in 2013?

Or how about Dong Nguyen, who developed an incredibly successful mobile gaming app called Flappy Bird – that happened to be, oh, earning $50,000 a day from advertising – but decided to shut the app down?

On the other hand, are you aware that Markus Persson, founder of Minecraft, actually gave away $3 million in dividends last year to his employees?

The¬†folks behind some of the most amazing apps in the world can be quite different in their approach to money. Here’s an interesting infographic from the folks at¬†highlighting some of these now famous founders:

Irish Apps IG People Behind the Apps Final


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