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6 Effective Website Design Strategies That Directly Impacts Your Business


by Deepak Chauhan, CEO and founder of VOCSO Web Studio


The current trends in technology dictates many things in today’s life, when it comes to businesses with an online presence website design is everything at first sight, long are the days when any type of a website could attract so much human traffic,.

While the current technological mind of most people is very technical to please, there are specific ways and methods of making a user friendly website to attract ever increasing traffic – i.e. the general appearance of a website matters a lot for traffic attraction, the modern websites involves more than one feature to make them attractive, user friendly and fully optimized for traffic generation.

Here are just some few factors to make a website be fully user friendly and optimized:

1. Focus on design or choose the right technology.

The general design of a website will determine a lot how viewers interact with it, the design is very important here, it should be designed to reflect the branding of the company it’s designed for, besides the right mix of colors and beauty of the website, the design should be an easy to navigate type where the viewers can navigate without much ado, the menu and scroll bars should be easily accessible by users, usage of the right graphics on a website will also spur chances of much traffic to it. The technology in a website is what will drive everything, choose the solution based technology platforms to make navigation and usage easy, the basic and advanced frameworks like MVC, MVT and likes, other platforms like Magento, Zencart, Moodle on Drupal will also come in handy for the right technology.

2. Create gorgeous visual presentation.

Gone are the days when a website was just created with basic black and white colors which are static, a website should be very lively and with user friendly colors, presentations which are created on flash and display platform, the graphics must be very adorable and welcoming, the latest three dimensions and animation technology should be applied to integrate with other graphics, there must be user experience while on your website, where the users can keep scrolling and changing various well-coordinated animations and info graphics. There should be the well applied customizable filtering, grid styles and slide based pages, there should a well styled roll over to the next page.

3. Focus on user experience.

Every user of a website doesn’t like the idea of being bored while going through it, the user only enjoys to view a site which is user friendly and that which can be easily navigable, the website must be firstly well designed and eye catching, the style of every set up in it must be easily understandable, the site should be easy to search for specific targets, how every page of the website is uniquely arranged will make the user to spend time in the website. The speed of the website should be very fast based on technology like Ruby on Rails, flash, or Magento, the website should go a thorough testing to ensure the right speed for easy navigation by users, users also would want a website with their type of contents, here the contents which are written on the site should focus to the interest of the niche it’s designed for.

4. Make your site easily accessible on any screen.

The world has gone digital in every meaning of the word, sometime back there used to be only the PC where people could access internet even websites, the much desired traffic in the online market place are found on the screens, the website should be accessed through the smart phone technology, which implies that the website should be well optimized to fit in all forms of software’s like Android, all windows, Apple’s and Mac operating systems, when a user with the smart phone is viewing the website, it must still be able to access all items in the site, the website should have specialized plugins enabling users to navigate it in all types of screens, this factor will increase traffic flow to the site tremendously.

5. Deliver high quality content on your pages.

Nothing will keep traffic at all season on a website like ever fresh contents, the Google as a search engine always emphasize on quality contents to a website, quality and informative contents to the viewers will be even more attractive to much traffic, people always will be hooked to where they get current trends regarding a product or on a specific niche. The website contents much be engaging and factual for many people to read through it, most clients will even share with their friends online in social medias about a site with informative contents. Contents must not be copied from other sites but should be emanating from fresh ideas, contents can also be from current trends in the specific niche, and it should be well edited and written from the writer’s point of view.

6. Choose the right place for calls to action.

Most of the websites which are on the world wide web pages are selling something, they either sell a service or a tangible commodity, most of the websites are marketing vehicles or information vehicles online, in many cases a website can have many pages, depending on the design of the website, some sites can write a call to action in a hidden place. The call to action section or paragraph should be spelt out in a easy to view section of the website, this can be strategically placed at the top right corner, within the opening statement, the call to action can also come repeatedly in every page of the website, it can also be written well within the very interesting sections of the website.

Web design should be more emphasized with the right design, color, platform and technology for more impact in today’s market place, the technology savvy type of market needs websites which is very user friendly filled with the right fresh contents, the digital era has make it possible to access internet everywhere using many devices like smart phones, Tablets, laptops and other devices, a website should be designed in a technology platform enabling viewing in all devices for much traffic.


Deepak Chauhan

Deepak Chauhan loves to help his clients with his design strategies to attract, engage and convert.  He is the CEO & Founder of VOCSO Web Studio, a website design & development agency based in Delhi/NCR, India. When he is not working, he is travelling and exploring new places with friends. You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.