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5 Lead Generation Avenues You May Never Have Thought Of



by Frank E. Paterno, VP of Marketing at Intelliverse

The Internet is a powerful channel that continuously develops the way people connect with brands, products, and services. In the age where the Internet is in full swing and people’s attention spans are slim to none, it’s important to ensure that your brand sticks out from the pack.  Looking beyond the typical lead generation avenues of your business can significantly increase the top of your lead funnel.

Below are 5 simple and easy Internet based lead generation avenues every company should be taking advantage of:


While networks such as Twitter are typically thought of as social and entertainment platforms, it is quickly proving to be a perfect avenue for lead generation. With over 255 million daily active users and easily tailored audiences, Twitter allows for your business to gain and maintain relationships and give a personality to your brand. Hashtags allow companies to easily trend on users’ timelines and the brief, informal nature of tweets makes it an especially accessible avenue to build personal and business relationships.



Youtube serves as a strong pathway to visually reach people looking for information on your product or service. With the addition of company branding, FAQs, and educational videos, you can speak to your target market first hand. The key to effective YouTube videos is that they must be quick and to the point, entertain, and educate. Answer people’s questions so that you start the process in building a trusted and credible brand in your space.


Vimeo serves a similar purpose as YouTube, but since it has less traffic and has a smaller, more loyal community, companies are able to target a higher quality audience.  Vimeo has a more professional reputation; a B2C article nicely articulated, “Vimeo screams professionalism in the same way that LinkedIn does.” Utilizing Vimeo to display branding via quality and informational videos is becoming more and more the new path to building a lead pipeline.


Instagram’s applications allow businesses to not only visually showcase their products and services using photos and sixteen-second videos, but also allows for a personal connection with customers by giving them insight into your product, it’s distinctions, and value. Catching someone’s eye on a social medium is a less aggressive way to sell them on your product or service.  Humanizing your brand with behind the scenes pictures, infographics, and customer shots entices people to come get to know more about your business.


Many people have forgotten about webinars as a powerful resource in lead generation. Allowing people who have been to your website the option to sign up for an informational webinar makes them feel less pressured or skeptical of your product or service. People feel empowered to ask questions, learn about your business, and get to know first-hand things that separate you from your competitors. Getting that personal connection with an interested customer is key in moving them along in the sales cycle.

Generating consumer interest in the products and services of a business is arguably as important as the products and services themselves. While many companies are very good at the traditional ways to build a pipeline of leads, it’s crucial to broaden your scope and ensure you’re not missing out on potential customers you never knew existed!



Frank E. Paterno is the VP of Marketing at Intelliverse and an avid foodie, wine lover and traveler.





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