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Six Tips To Ace Your Video Conference From Anywhere



There was a time when you could not even dream of applying to an outstation job. Even though you were more than qualified for the job, there was no way you could leave your existing job to travel for a job interview.

Times have changed though. Now with video conferencing, you can think about applying for a job anywhere in the country or the world without even moving from your home.

Is It As Simple As That?

Yes it is, as video conferencing is a valuable tool with many uses. In the last few years, more and more companies have started using video conferencing to find talented workers from all over the country and even the world states the Huffington Post. Considering the huge talent pool out in the world, companies are invested in finding the right candidate as long as they can do the job. Videoconferencing allows company HR personnel to meet and interview employees anywhere in the world and anytime. However, this also creates a unique situation for potential employees. They have to know how to present themselves online but as positively as possible. It is difficult but not insurmountable and here is what all employees should do.

Tip #1 – Use the Best Communication Software Possible.

There are video conferencing systems available but you should make sure you use a state-of-the-art system like the Blue Jeans Network. After you have selected the system, make sure you check and recheck the system to ensure that it works perfectly. If required, set up a secondary system as a backup just in case to ensure an uninterrupted connection.

Tip #2 – Practice, Practice, Practice.

You have set up the system and you are now ready to go online but you still need to practice. Citrixonline recommends you practice going online and meeting as many people as possible. This will make your comfortable with the online meeting process and also get rid of any inhibitions that you might have about video chatting.

Tip #3 – Learn About Online Presentation.

Now that you are comfortable with online chatting, you have to start preparing yourself for a formal meeting. Remember, you are presenting yourself to a potential employer and you need to impress the interviewer and make an impression just through a visual medium. A few immediate things to learn about online presentation include the following:

  • Adjust your seating and your background. Preview the entire presentation to make sure that you look good online. If possible, try out two to three different outfits to make sure that they look good with the background.
  • Make sure you make eye contact with the interviewer it encourages interaction. Avoid distractions as they can literally take your attention away from the interviewer and they make you look vague.

Tip #4 – Be Prepared For a Delay.

Yale points out that there is always a processing delay during video conferencing. As a result, it’s a good idea to wait for a second or two after you speak a sentence. For example, after the interviewer has completed a question, wait for two seconds to ensure that the interviewer has stopped speaking. You can then answer the question and wait again to let the interviewer know that you are done.

Tip #5 – Etiquette Differs.

Videoconferencing etiquette is not very different from a normal interview. You may not be able to shake hands but you can introduce yourself right in the beginning of the interview. At the end of the interview, make sure you review the highlights of your job application, why you will be a great person for the job and how much you are looking forward to hearing from the company again. Pay attention to the time as most interviewers restrict first round interviews to 20 minutes. The second round may be longer but you have to make an impression the first ten minutes of your interview.

Tip #6 – Mute or Disconnect When You Are Done.

Most HR staff may host group interviews to lessen the interviewee pool. As a result, there is a chance that there might be three or four people in the same interview. Remember to mute or disconnect the connection when you are done as an open connection may cause unnecessary problems or even annoy the interviewer.

For job applicants, the future is bright explains Selfgrowth. More and more businesses are integrating video conferencing into their infrastructure and there opens up the field for employers and potential employees. However, this also means that employees have to be prepared to face requests for video interviews to the best of their abilities. With a little time and effort, potential employees should be able to ace these events just as easily as real-time events.