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8 Essentials For A Compelling Corporate Video


Many people consider corporate videos a pain to make and an even bigger pain to watch. This negative perception is really unfortunate because with a little foresight, knowledge and guidance, generating a compelling and enjoyable corporate video is fully in the realm of possibilities.

Whether you’re a non-profit in Washington DC whose in-house production team needs a little help conjuring a successful promotional corporate video or you’re a DIY start-up bound and determined to hit the ground running, making sure your brand is associated with only high-quality videos is important. From a properly outlined goal to prioritizing passion, here are eight essentials to help you make a compelling corporate video.

Know Your Goals.

One of the easiest ways to miss your target is to be unaware of what it is or where it is located. Unless you know the specific goals of the corporate video you are trying to make, how will you know whether or not you’re successful when it’s finished? Before you even begin to talk about ideas or dollars, get down to the brass tacks of what you want to accomplish. After your goals have been defined, measure every subsequent idea according to whether or not it will help you reach those goals.

Know Your Audience.

Are you trying to get 18-year old teenagers to sign up for military service? Or are you trying to convince 65-year old retirees to choose a Medicare Advantage plan? Who your audience is will not just determine the content of your corporate video, it will also determine the scope, pacing, actors and props involved. Don’t create a generalized corporate video in an attempt to reach everyone — that effort usually backfires by reaching no one.

Prioritize Passion.

You probably feel very strongly about your business or industry, and that passion needs to be harnessed if your video is going to work. Good advertisers know an emotional connection is an essential component of any successful marketing push, and corporate videos need an emotional connection, too. Whether it’s an employee safety video or an orientation video for your internship program, communicate the information with intensity and authentic feeling.

Hire a Professional.

This piece of advice can get a bit tricky — especially if you have an in-house production team whose work is not always up to snuff. When it comes to producing an effective corporate video, if your team doesn’t produce work that looks professional, you need to hire a professional. There is no way around it.

Excellence in Narrative.

Great storytelling — through images, words and music — is an essential part of any compelling corporate video, because human beings are wired to connect with stories. Every business has a story to tell, and each person who is a member of your team does, too. Choose a good story — one with an interesting plot and empathetic characters — then engage your audience by telling it well.

High Production Value.

Quality matters as much as content, and if your production value isn’t in keeping with what people are used to seeing through their day-to-day media wanderings, it will hurt your brand — even if the video is only being produced for internal use. Spend the extra time and money to ensure your video’s production value is high, so the poor quality of the video doesn’t overshadow what you hope to accomplish.

Stay on Budget.

Staying on your budget when making a corporate video is helpful in a number of surprising ways. It will ensure you end up with a more resolved finished product, because staying within budget will require you to think through the entire process numerous times before you actually create the video. It will also protect and enhance your reputation within your company and team, so future projects stay in your capable hands.

Don’t Try to Include Everything.

While it can be tempting to tell the history of how your company changed the way finials were manufactured in the Northeast, before you try to convince shareholders they should trust you for the coming year even though sales have been down for five quarters, don’t do it. Tooting unnecessary horns and putting out fires before they start isn’t ever a good idea. Define the parameters of what your video aims to accomplish, and stick to it.

Making a corporate video doesn’t have to be dull or arduous. By following a few helpful tips and exercising a little discipline, you can create compelling video that accomplishes its aims and leaves the viewer satisfied.

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