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Taking Out The Garbage – A Look At Waste Disposal For Your Business


Rubbish disposal – do you ever think about it? Probably not, really.

Chances are, you shove your rubbish in the bin outside your business and let those mysterious figures who show up at the crack of dawn deal with it. For all you know, that waste could be taken to Narnia or rocketed up to Mars.

But as environmental changes become a prime concern for the populace, knowing where your waste is going, as well as how to minimise it, can make your company look more ecologically responsible.

This, in turn, could give you a PR boost – just imagine the good publicity for a business that’s ensuring its waste is low and disposed of carefully.

Depending on the industry you’re in, different types of waste disposal could make all the difference to your enterprise. So have a look at this quick guide to see what waste disposal you should use.

Clinical waste.

If you’re a hospital, general practitioners, tattoo parlour or anywhere else handling needles and human tissue, the need to dispose of your clinical waste is vital. Not only is this an environmental concern, but the absentminded waste disposal of medical goods can spread germs and infections in your local area.

More than this, the adequate disposal of clinical waste is a legal requirement. If you’re producing more than 500kgs of the stuff, it’s necessary for you to register with the Environment Agency, who’ll monitor how effectively you’re disposing of waste.

So bring in the professionals to make sure your scrapping your waste effectively.


Here’s that PR boost that was mentioned in the intro – get your business into a recycling programme and you can make it look like a shining example to enterprises everywhere.

While many councils actively require your business to recycle, companies can always go one step further by ensuring that their output is low in the first place.

Minimise on paper usage, reuse printer cartridges and invest in products that are high quality and durable. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of recycling opportunities, so have a look around your office to see how you can have a better business and a heavier wallet.

Community waste initiatives.

One of the more effective PR moves that will, in turn, give back to your local community, is to try helping out with local initiatives on clean-ups of the area.

This is a particularly positive move for businesses in small, provincial areas where the heart of the community is, broadly speaking, stronger than in larger, cosmopolitan cities.

If your business can help clean up the coastline or make the city centre a more vibrant place, it will invariably have the local community on its side, boosting its brand in the process.

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