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[Infographic] Women In The Workplace


While gender equality at the workplace is still nowhere near an acceptable level, it’s at its best it’s ever been. But there are still many barriers that restrict a woman’s advancement, especially at the upper reaches of management where it’s still largely dominated by men.

For example, while women make up 53% of entry-level positions, only 19% of top C-level executive positions are filled by women.  Not only do they make less – women roughly earn 77 cents to every dollar made by men – they are also more likely to be passed over for high-profile assignments. But the good news is that millennial women are starting to change things, with many women entering the workforce with more education, and more concerned with career success – 66% to 59% – than men.

Here’s an infographic from HumanResourcesMBA.net that reveals some of the numbers around gender inequality that still exists in the modern workplace:

Women in the Workplace

[Infographic credit: HumanResourcesMBA.net]

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