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Brimful of Escher – How To Make More Space For Your Business


Have you ever heard of MC Escher? No, he’s not a hotshot rapper, but an artist famous for his paintings of impossible constructions. Stairs fell into one another and buildings that are architecturally impossible somehow looked feasible when Escher put pen to paper.

The man was, to put it simply, a genius. With buildings that could go on forever, space was of no consequence to him.

Just imagine if your business could boast the same kind of genius in its premises. Admittedly, you might not want to operate in an area where time and space has stopped having any meaning, but you could probably make your office a bit roomier.

In a world where quantum physics does have meaning, your space can be limited by your location and, most pertinently, your finances. But, what can you do to make it seem almost limitless?

Well, follow a few of these tips to get as close to Escher as you possibly can.

Get your Tron on with virtual offices.

While the virtual reality of the film Tron might be far-removed from the real world, virtual offices have, thanks to companies like Servcorp Singapore, become a convenient space-saving reality.

With a virtual office you can give clients the impression that you’re working from a physical premises. The best of these services offer a real secretary to forward your calls, a virtual address in an established business area and access to real meeting rooms for when you want to wow a client with your success.

It’s as close as you’ll get to a business with endless space, allowing your employees to work from home and communicate via email and Skype, opening up your enterprise to the wonders of globalisation and cloud-based systems for exchanging files.

Feng Shui your office to perfection.

About three thousand years ago on the Eastern Continent, a bunch of guys worked on a process called Feng Shui, in which they optimised their buildings to make their space calm and balanced. Nowadays, as you’re probably aware, Feng Shui has become one of the finest ways to coordinate your building.

It doesn’t alter your space in an MC Escher kind of way, either – those pictures will make your head spin if you look at them for too long. With this subtle oriental art, your business area will feel more spacious by virtue of an equilibrium with your environment. So, hire a specialist and see how this ancient form of interior design could give you more room.

Don’t need it? Chuck it!

One of the major problems that business owners have is that they hoard, hoard, hoard. It’s nightmarish to see a business filled to the rafters with old boxes of junk they’ll never use again.

The advice? If you’re holding onto something you don’t need, bin it. Bulky filing cabinets you haven’t used in a decade? Get ‘em gone. With a clearer workplace, you’ll also have a clearer mind.