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[Singapore] Yourwifi Launches Monthly Fixed Rate Data Service For Corporate Travellers


If you’re a frequent business traveller, you’d probably know the pain of getting hit by massive data roaming charges whenever you’re travelling aborad. And the trouble is that it’s not quite so easy to get a local data connection service either, especially when some countries require you to be a holder of a local passport or local credit card before you can sign up for one. Enter the XCom Global (http://www.xcomglobal.com.sg/xcp) – no relation to XCom the computer game –  a monthly fixed rate data connection service targeted at corporate business travellers that provides users with pocket-size Wi-Fi routers they can use anywhere in the world.

XCom Global‘s corporate program (XCP) subscription plans provides a monthly fixed rate data service to companies based on the number of staff who require internet access while on business trip, which can help to save data roaming costs by up to 40% or more. Customers can travel overseas and make their connection cost-effective, portable and secure, while ensuring no nasty surprises on their carrier bills when they get home.

XCom Global, which has been available for the international market for a number of years, is now made available here through Singapore-headquartered reseller Yourwifi.

“We have been receiving many inquiries from companies in Singapore about corporate plans and packages as they continue to look at cost efficiency for staff connectivity on business travel. As such, to address them, we have launched the XCP, a monthly fixed rate data connection service,” explains Noritaka Kobayashi, founder and CEO of Yourwifi. He continues, ”

“We also understand the need for flexibility in roaming data demands for business, and intend to provide volume discount plans and a long-term rental plan that provide critical connectivity for businesses,” he adds.

The XCP program offers a monthly fixed rate plan, based on the number of registered staff and does not take into account the number of business trips per month. With this service, businesses can easily handle data connection expenses as a fixed cost instead of variable costs, although staff on business travel must be registered in advance and contracts are on a yearly basis. There are also long term rental plans (best suited for staff who frequently travel to a certain country) as well as volume discount plans (a discount based on the number of business trip days per month).