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5 Must-Have Apps For Non-Profit Offices


By Peter Davidson

The lifeblood of nonprofits lies in effective planning, management and fund raising. These 5 top must-have apps are specifically designed to eliminate wasted time and make nonprofits more efficient at achieving their goals.

Nonprofit organizations do a great deal of good and are an intricate part of societies around the globe. However, in order to survive, they must create, organize and execute successful campaigns that reach out and persuade people to give to their cause. This is especially true in today’s staggering economy that has people tightening their purse strings.

Technology has allowed nonprofits to more greatly expand their fundraising outreach, organization and networking efforts. The internet, in particular, has improved efficiency. Notices of events and fundraising campaigns are improved through social media and activities such as a budget friendly meeting with web conferencing can conveniently place people together from numerous locations and countries to plan, organize and implement.

One of the most recent additions to the nonprofit toolbox is a wide range of apps that can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices. The use of such apps can free up a great deal of time, better organize administrative efforts and save precious funds which can be averted to more important areas. Following are 5 important apps which nonprofit offices must have to expand their outreach.

1. Google Apps.

Google is constantly seeking to make the internet a better experience for everyone who surfs the Web. Therefore, they offer a complete apps suite that is ideal for nonprofits with less than 3,000 workers that helps to effectively organize emails, events and a variety of documents. The Google Apps suite for nonprofits is both a powerful tool and completely free to use.

If your nonprofit has fewer than 3,000 employees and you need to collaborate documents in real time, manage and share emails, event calendars, video or chat sessions, conduct a meeting with web conferencing, etc then this app is a must-have. An added benefit is its integration with Google+.

2. UberConference.

Meetings with colleagues, clients and community service providers play an extremely important role in nonprofit organizations. If meetings are missed then plans can be delayed and goals adversely affected.

Therefore, nonprofits should look into UberConference conference call app which makes organizing meetings a piece of cake. This one simple app negates the need for making multiple calls or sending endless streams of emails and texts. The system automatically alerts and calls other participants to join the meetings. No more meeting mix-ups from missed calls, emails or texts.

3. BigMarker.

Another must-have free app designed for nonprofits is BigMarker. This app makes placing conferencing communities together simple. For example, nonprofits can manage employees, hold meetings and classes, provide support and allow workers to communicate with families from anywhere in the world through a simple computer connection.

Nonprofits using BigMarker can grow their organization, connect their communities, inform and teach those to whom they reach out and build their social network through the app’s platform. Because it uses a browser-based system, BigMarker can be utilized by practically any computer.

4. WorkFlowy.

Management is the name of the game with WorkFlowy. This must-have app allows nonprofits to create and manage thousands of items in the blink of an eye. Forget the sloppy sticky notes and agenda scribble.

WorkFlowy organizes information and miscellaneous items into ready to read and easy to share documents which even come with their very own URLs. This makes applying information-filled documents onto web pages, in emails a breeze. WorkFlowy is available for desktops as well as mobile devices.

5. Causecast.

The meat of nonprofit organizations is the promoting of their causes and raising the funds to implement them. Causecast provides a host of free tools that are designed to focus on these important outlets.

Causecast is a must-have app because it provides assistance with the promotion and fundraising efforts of nonprofits. Also included are corporate client CSR programs and campaigns as well as an extensive library of resources. This great app allows nonprofits to focus more energy on achieving goals rather than fooling with fundraising efforts.

In order for your non-profit organization to flourish and be its most effective, be sure to look into these must-have apps that organize your business, increase funding and free up more time to focus on helping others.


Peter Davidson is a tech enthusiast who loves being a part of the ever growing web community. He is a network specialist currently residing in US.



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  1. Nice list but I’d like to add proofhub.com in this list as well. This tool is very effective for non profits + provides 20% discount as well.


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