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[Infographic] Everything You Wanted To Know About TOR And The Deep Web

You know the adage about the tip of the iceberg? That actually applies to the Internet too – what many of us don’t realize is that the interwebs that we see is merely a fraction of the actual Internet. In fact, we see but only around 4% of web content (called the “Surface Web” or “Visible Web”), with the rest being the “Deep Web“.

Unlike the regular Internet where content is accessed via regular web browsers, Deep Web content is not indexed by search engines and access requires dedicated browsers such as TOR (The Onion Router), which helps you defend against network surveillance that may infringe on your online privacy. But due to its nature the Deep Web can also harbor much criminal activity such as the Silk Road, commonly called the eBay of drugs. This has been made possible with the invention of Bitcoin, where the peer-to-peer virtual currency has enabled online business transactions that may not have been legal in the visible Web.

Here’s more information about TOR and the Deep Web in this infographic from whoishostingthis:

[Infographic credit: whoishostingthis]



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