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[Sponsored] 9Slides And Your Tablet Device – The Perfect Mobile Presentation Tool


In many cases, the tablet device has begun to displace the once ubiquitous laptop at the workplace. Where the laptop once ruled supreme with a combination of mobility without too much trade-off in productivity, the tablet – led by the iPad – has become the tool of choice where simplicity and mobility is concerned.

Take presentations, for example – where sales people once hauled clunky and chunky laptops on sales calls for presentation purposes, the tech-savvy among them use a tablet device instead.

These days there are also a plethora of mobile applications for presentation purposes. 9Slides, for example, is a mobile-friendly cloud-based presentation app – there’s also a native iOS app for the iPad – that allows users to import Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe PDF presentations directly from SlideShare or file-sharing services such as Google-Drive, Dropbox or BOX, directly onto your mobile device. You can even add video or audio commentary to the slides for additional impact, making your presentations more engaging and compelling.

So whether you’re a sales person making a sales call to an existing or potential customer and have a presentation to show, a teacher in the classroom, or an in-house trainer who needs to visit different retail stores to train seasonal sales employees, your tablet device – with 9Slides on it – allows you to create and deliver personalized presentations to wow audiences, and at the same time lighten your load.