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Take Blogging To A New Level: Vlogging


by John Boudreau, COO and co-founder of Astonish

In the world of marketing, it has been established that that blogging is a great way to keep content unique and fresh on a website. Aside from the SEO perks, it is also a great way for companies to brand themselves within their industries. Now, imagine taking this concept a step further. Have you heard of video blogging, also known as Vlogging? Vlogging is a great way to switch things up a bit and engage new viewers, visitors, fans, and followers. Rather than simply “telling” in a blog post, you can start “showing,” as well.

According to Moz, blog posts that incorporate the use of video attract three times as many inbound links as a blog post without a video. In fact, the average user has been known to spend more time on a website with a video. It is no secret that a video converts better than text. An entertaining or highly relevant vlog post can drive tons of traffic to your site – especially if it goes viral. Is your business using these statistics to its advantage? If you are currently stuck in a weekly blogging rut, it is time to break from the “traditional blogging” mold. In this article, we will discuss why you should be taking advantage and how you can get started with an effective vlogging strategy, today.

Why Should I Take Advantage of Vlogging?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should embrace vlogging every once in a while. Sure, it is essential to have quality content mixed in between, but vlogging adds a whole new dimension to your marketing style. Today, let’s look at a few reasons why you should be vlogging:

#1: User preference.

Most modern consumers prefer to watch and/or listen to a vlog rather than read a length blog post.

#2: A richer web experience.

Recording a vlog and verbally discussing important bullet points is not only easier for you as the marketer, but for the viewer, as well. According to Brainshark, the information retained in one minute of online video is the equivalent to about 1.8 million written words. Your vlog will be loaded with unique, quality content and information. If given the opportunity, would you rather watch a 30-second clip or skim a 300-word blog post? I thought so.

#3: Attracting a larger audience.

In terms of social sharing and interaction, posting a video will receive much more attention than text. If you post the link to your blog on Facebook and wait for the likes, you may receive a few. If you posted that same blog, but as a video, it may receive more likes simply because it was simpler to watch, and to take in. It may even be shared!

#4: More Personal.

When you vlog, your viewers can actually SEE you. They can hear the words you are saying and they can hear the emphasis and passion that you are putting into it. When they hear this and see your facial expressions, they may ultimately have an easier time trusting and believing you. This could ultimately lead to a better relationship with your audience.

How should I get started?

Now that you have the reasons to start, it is time to ACTUALLY start. How? First, you need to have a script/content in place as your guide. It is important to know exactly what you will be discussing — especially if you are looking to vlog in just one take. Next, you must have a webcam in place. If your laptop does not already have one built in, you can head to your local tech store to purchase one.

Once you have the webcam ready, it is time to shoot the video. A popular choice for this is to use Google Hangouts. There is an option to record a hangout and automatically post it to YouTube. YouTube is the king of all video sites. With more than 1 billion unique user visits to YouTube each month and over 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute, it is safe to say that this is a great place to post your video.

Once you download the vlog to YouTube, you can embed it onto your website’s blog and your social sites. If you want, you can give a brief summary as the content of your blog and simply say “Watch our vlog to learn more!” This is a great call to action to have.

Are you ready to vlog?

As you can see, vlogging is not only effective but a fun way to break up your marketing strategy. The most important thing to remember is to both show and prove that your business is the real deal. Vlogging can not only improve your expertise, but your reputation within the industry. Are you ready to reach the masses? Lights, camera, action!


John Boudreau, COO and Co-Founder of Astonish, has been in the insurance marketing and technology business for nearly 10 years. He works closely with local insurance agencies across the country to understand what works and what doesn’t in an attempt to increase their share of the digital landscape through online marketing tactics and a robust customer relationship marketing tool.




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