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5 Ideal Locations For Young Startups


 A startup may spark from a simple idea and quickly grow in momentum due to the ease of launching a product or service. Web technologies and software expedite the process of development. The startup also gains the benefit of not subscribing to traditional business structures. They are flexible due to their small size and unrestricted as to where they may operate.

The saying “location, location, location” may not be as important these days due to the ability to operate through the web, but underlying benefits such as access to talent pools, investors, and social opportunities are still very important.

The following are five different locations that are ideal for young startups:

1. New York City.

What list of cities would be complete without mentioning New York City? NYC may not have the notoriety of Silicon Valley but since it’s such a massive hub for business on the East Coast, they make their mark. It’s easy to find anything in NYC. This translates to finding great talent, business ideas, investors, incubators, and more. Made In NY is a current movement to triumph the tech startups coming from NYC and providing outreach for bringing talent to the city.

2. Toronto.

Toronto boasts quite a few startups. There are a few accelerators and incubators found within the area, too. Toronto has the largest metropolitan population in Canada. Its culture is very diverse and relaxed compared to other locations listed in this article. There is no shortage of talent within the area. The tech scene has created comradery between the startups since they’re trying to put Toronto on the map. Outside of business, Toronto is a very enjoyable location which has an NYC feel but more welcoming.

3. San Diego.

San Diego is a hotbed for biotech companies, but they’ve also got their share of those in telecom and other tech industries. It goes without saying that talent is easy to come by in the location seeing that it’s within proximity of the other big West Coast startup regions. Costs and flexibility can be kept within budget if the startup plans to operate out of an incubator. These types of housing scenarios are quite common to find since they provide all the essentials to bring a team together for a short while to get work done. Corporate housing in San Diego is on the rise, which in turn helps the area’s startup scene flourish.

4. London.

London is taking top position as the best place for startups in Europe. There are tax breaks for investors and they’ve also opened visas for entrepreneurs coming from overseas. London, however you cut it, has a shortage of tech talent, which means anyone skilled in web technologies will have an ease fitting in though it may pose problematic for discovering talent once the startup is running. The city offers an array of fun and thought-provoking activities and a rich history that will give those working in startups plenty to do during off hours.

5. Thailand.

Young startups love Thailand. The entire country is stunningly beautiful and vibrant from the lush forests to the archipelagos and sandy white beaches. Anywhere can become an ideal location when in Thailand if the startup has access to the web. The cost of living is incredibly inexpensive, which allows more money to be placed into the business. Thailand is also very close to other countries with vibrant startup culture such as India and China, providing access to an unimaginable amount of resources.

Do you live in another great startup city? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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