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Beginners Guide For Youngsters: 6 Tools To Rule The Real World


by Tuhin Ghosh, co-founder of PrepGenie

Graduation is not just a day where your independence and freedom is acknowledged, it is also a joyous occasion filled with recognition, anticipation of what awaits, and reflection on your life and your future. One thing to realize is that, while you should enjoy your graduation to the fullest, you are about to step into the real world.

The real world is going to hit you like a ton of bricks filled with questions, confusion, excitement, fear, anxiety, and happiness. Graduation can be seen as a “rite of passage” where you move from the world of academics into the working world. With so many indefinite possibilities of what awaits you in your future, it is natural to have these feelings. While getting your first job right after graduation makes life a little more bearable, understanding that life isn’t all about your job is important for success.

Whether you are planning to move directly into the working world from high school or after going to college, there are some tips you should know to makes these transitions run a lot smoother:

1. A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way.

No one will ever be able to escape life without enduring hardship, tragedy, and ridicule. The truth is that people get hurt, life can be messy, and rejection is inevitable. Your perspective on life and your attitude is what differentiates a person who can take on a challenge and overcome it from one that allows the challenges to rule their life and way of thinking.

Take a challenge head on; understand that any setbacks you may experience are defining moments. Learn from the downfall and failure of a challenge and remember that seeing failure through one perspective often leads to another open door handing you much success.

2. Keep Your Faith Strong.

Fearing life’s unknown is going to prevent you from moving forward. Don’t let yourself be dragged down by obstacles you may face that affect your progress. Don’t allow others to define what you are capable of doing. If your faith in yourself disappears, you are inviting in the probability of “impossible.”

The only thing that life and other people can’t take from is your faith; you are the only person that can give your faith up. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s obstacles, stay hopeful that that your desired outcome will come.

3. Make Yourself Stand Out From the Crowd.

Keeping yourself hidden amongst the crowd isn’t going to get you anywhere. Every person is unique and has special qualities that only they can provide. The sooner you discover and develop your unique qualities and skills, the better off you will be facing off in a competitive world. Develop your own personal brand by staying true to who you are and protect that reputation.

4. Getting Any Job is Better Than No Job.

When you are unemployed, deeming a job “beneath you” isn’t feasible. The more time that passes without you earning money and putting it in the bank is one day closer to accruing extensive amounts of debt. While working a fast-food restaurant may not be your idea of the perfect job with a Pre-Med degree, it is a job. Today’s economic situation doesn’t always cater to those leaving school and entering the workforce for the first time.

The most important thing is spending 8 hours a day flipping burgers or serving up fries is a way to put money in the bank and learn new skills that you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn. Make the most of the position you hold and strive for excellence and gaining leadership skills.

5. The Meaning of Success.

It is crucial to realize and accept the fact that there are many definitions for success. It means something different to everyone. What one person sees as successful another may see as failure? Determine your own definition of success; guaranteed it will change throughout your life as you gain more experience.

Moving through your journey of professional and personal growth, shift your perspective from the pursuit of success to the passion of significance and become passionate and committed to whatever those goals may be.

6. The Learning Process Never Ends.

When you graduate from college, learning isn’t over. Continuing to learn new skills, attributes, and techniques to personal and professional growth will be an ongoing process. Allows accept a challenge, not leave it for someone else. Life is about growing and developing new ways of life and thinking; don’t waste the experiences you have had and use them as a new learning opportunity.

Exiting the world of education and entering the real world is a big step for any youngster. Keeping these tips in the forefront of your mind will help you achieve a successful path in life.


Entrepreneur and enabler Tuhin Ghosh has been pursuing his dream of enabling business and catalyzing growth mainly in the education industry. He is the co-founder of PrepGenie, a test prep provider that offers exam preparation courses for GAMSAT, PCAT, HPAT, UMAT and UKCAT to aspiring medical students globally.