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FitBark, A Fitness Tracker For Dogs


Fitness trackers have been the rage in recent years. The Nike+ FuelBand sparked a running craze around the world, while the Jawbone UP and the FitBit made people conscious about the number of steps they’re taking.

Now, Rover can join the fun. The entrepreneurs at new startup FitBark, based out of New York City, have created an activity tracking system and mobile app (for iOS and Android) for dogs, similar to fitness trackers for humans. Shaped like a bone that you can attach to a dog collar, the tracker records their physical activity 24/7. When the dog comes within range of their owner’s Bluetooth enabled smartphone or the FitBark home base (similar to a router), the information is uploaded to the FitBark system in real time, and is viewable in the FitBark mobile app. The data is used to calculate the BarkScore – the number that tells you how consistently a dog has been meeting his daily goal and how well the owners are doing as dog parents. Owners can view data days in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly summaries, allowing caretakers to work as a team and take action as necessary.

FitBark is now currently raising funds through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and with any luck will hit their target amount by end this month and get this really fun yet useful application out.

And who knows, dog owners may just lose a few pounds themselves.

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