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[Infographic] Energy Innovation From The Crowd


Crowdfunding has been one of the latest innovations to sweep the funding and startup world – but that’s not only the industries it’s been impacting. Today more and more people are concerned with the environment, but more entrepreneurs are also looking to innovate the green sectors.

Some of these entrepreneurs are looking to come up with innovative solutions to the world’s many ills, and crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are helping them get traction for their ideas, both in terms of publicity and funding. As long as you have a great idea that people are willing to back, you can easily find some support on such sites.

Here’s an infographic that shows you a few examples of people using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to push their green concepts:

Energy Innovation: From the Crowd

[Infographic courtesy of EnergySavings.com]